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Joseph Romm


Wind is only an interim stop on the way to a world where electricity no longer relies on fossil fuels. The ultimate goal is to harvest the sun’s energy directly by intercepting sunlight, rather than by waiting for that sunlight to stir up the atmosphere and sticking turbines in the resulting airstreams.
19 Jun 2008    Source
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[Sunlight concentrated by mirrors] will be the most important form of carbon-free power in the 21st century. That's because it's the only form of clean electricity that can meet all the demanding requirements of this century. ... Solar thermal plants covering the equivalent of a 92-by-92-mile square grid in the Southwest could generate electricity for the entire United States.
14 Apr 2008    Source
With a cap-and-trade regime, where annual emissions are strictly capped, variation in these costs implies significant price volatility. It also forces the market to cut emissions at times when emission reduction costs are high. A carbon tax, on the other hand, would allow firms to cut emissions most when doing so is cheapest. This is a strong argument in favour of the overall efficiency advantages of a carbon tax. But there's more to the story than that. ...
15 Feb 2008    Source
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A carbon tax, particularly one capable of deep emissions reductions quickly, is a political dead end. Neither the Obama administration nor senior members of Congress support a carbon tax. Quite the reverse. Obama (and Clinton and Biden) campaigned on a cap-and-trade system. That is the only game in town. Now you can choose to play checkers when everyone else is playing chess, but don’t be surprised if everyone else starts to criticize or ignore you.
05 May 2009    Source