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With a cap-and-trade regime, where annual emissions are strictly capped, variation in these costs implies significant price volatility. It also forces the market to cut emissions at times when emission reduction costs are high. A carbon tax, on the other hand, would allow firms to cut emissions most when doing so is cheapest. This is a strong argument in favour of the overall efficiency advantages of a carbon tax. But there's more to the story than that. ...
15 Feb 2008    Source
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A carbon tax would make price blame clearer, so [Democrats] are going with tradable permits, which also lets them play more favorites with who gets permits. Permits also make it harder to notice if they actually cut carbon, vs. preserving business as usual.
16 Jun 2009    Source
[The Economist was] founded in 1843 to support the cause of free trade.
01 Jan 1843    Source
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We want a system where stuff is produced by the lowest cost suppliers and goes to the buyers who value it the most. If some supplier offers to sell stuff to folks at a lower price, well then we want folks to switch to buying from that supplier. ... This logic applies just as well to distant nations as it does to a convenience store down the street. Don't be fooled into treating [foreigners] differently because you were built to fear foreigners.
27 Sep 2010    Source
If Mr Hussein refuses to disarm, it would be right to go to war.
23 Feb 2003    Source
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Among all the policy arguments I accept, [skepticism about] war seems among the most solid. And among all the things policy can get wrong, war seems among the worst. So for me, war policy tends to trump other considerations. ... I voted against Bush in '04, and I'll vote against Obama in '12, because they both started wars without meeting the high standards I hold for justifiably starting a war.
26 Mar 2011    Source