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Friedrich Nietzsche


Douglas Hofstadter


...an error called "responsibility" [rests] on an error called "freedom of the will." Those evil actions which outrage us most today are based on the error that that man who harms us has free will, that is, that he had the choice not to do this bad thing to us. This belief in his choice arouses hatred, thirst for revenge, spite, the whole deterioration of our imagination; whereas we get much less angry at an animal because we consider it irresponsible.
01 Jan 1878    Source
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[What] is all the fuss about "free will" about? Why do so many people insist on the grandiose adjective, often even finding in it humanity's crowning glory? What does it gain us, or rather, what would it gain us, if the word "free" were accurate? I honestly do not know. I don't see any room in this complex world for my will to be "free". ... Our will, quite the opposite of being free, is steady and stable ... our non-free will ... makes me me and you you, and that also keeps me me and you you.
26 Mar 2007    Source