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Eliezer Yudkowsky


Why couldn’t there have been a universe that was particle for particle identical to ours, but in which there was no consciousness—it was just a world of zombies? Our world is not like that, but I don’t see any contradiction in that hypothesis, so the thought is, well, what was the extra thing that had to happen to get consciousness into our world instead of it being a world of zombies? And that’s a way of getting at the philosophical problem of consciousness.
08 Mar 2006    Source
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Why would anyone bite a bullet that large? Why would anyone postulate unconscious zombies who write papers about consciousness for exactly the same reason that our own genuinely conscious philosophers do? ... on a core level, the sane thing to do when you see the conclusion of the zombie argument, is to say "That can't possibly be right" and start looking for a flaw.
04 Apr 2008    Source
Will there be a singularity? I think that it is certainly not out of the question, and that the main obstacles are likely to be obstacles of motivation rather than obstacles of capacity.
02 Apr 2010    Source
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What would humans with brain-computer interfaces do with their augmented intelligence? One good bet is that they’d design the next generation of brain-computer interfaces. Intelligence enhancement is a classic tipping point; the smarter you get, the more intelligence you can apply to making yourself even smarter. ... This positive feedback cycle ... rapidly surges upward and creates superintelligence (minds orders of magnitude more powerful than human) before it hits physical limits.
30 Sep 2007    Source