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Jessica Valenti


The same goes for sluts. A man who sleeps with many women gets high fives from his buddies and sexual interest from girls who can’t help their burning loins. But girls who sleep around are socially ostracized, used by men and shunned by women. It has always been and it will always be as long as a woman has 400 eggs to a man’s nearly infinite number of sperm.
13 Apr 2007    Source
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...I think the stud/slut [double standard is the worst] and that’s why I wanted it on the cover [of my book] because I think that it relates to so many other forms of discrimination, it hits women the hardest. I think the stud/slut thing is behind a lot of reproductive rights limitations, I think it’s behind a lot of violence against women, and this kind of fear of female sexuality and need to control it at all costs. And also I was called a slut in high school so it was also just personal.
29 Jun 2008    Source
You hear it all the time from people who are getting shafted by reality. “It’s so UNFAIR that guys get to do X with impunity while girls doing X suffer social stigma.” [Others,] when called out on their inconsistencies, deploy a swarm of sophistry intended to obfuscate and deny the existence of double standards because they are beneficiaries of them. ... The truth of the matter is ... double standards are fixed features of life as a sexually reproducing social organism.
13 Apr 2007    Source
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So I was talking to my editor and we were like, “Wouldn’t it be cool to do a double standard book, almost like a sexism handbook so when you’re out at the bar and someone says something ridiculous and sexist you can pull it out and be like, ‘That’s totally sexist and here’s why and here’s something you can do about it.’”
29 Jun 2008    Source
Why I Love Abortion: 1) Abortion is a handy dandy escape hatch for men. 2) Abortion is eugenic 3) Abortion is the cure for what ails ya ... (I have nothing but seething hatred for those parents who willingly allow the births of babies with torturous afflictions). 4) Abortion will spur anti-aging research. 5) Abortion keeps a woman’s body looking hot.
04 Jun 2008    Source
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It isn't that anti-choicers don't understand why women get abortions - it's that they care so little about women's lives that any reason given to obtain an abortion is seen as "convenient." Some things that are convenient: Providing for your existing children. Going to college. Having enough money to eat, pay rent, keep the electricity on. Not dying.
16 Apr 2010    Source
I will now present to you a vision of hell as dreamed up in the minds of the man-hating women who litter internet toilets like Feministing... This is what the world would look like if feminists had their way. Man Tax, Thought Crimes, Ban on Porn, Ban on Sexbot Research, Ban on Foreign Brides, Mandatory Castration for Crimes Against Women, Rape = Death Penalty, Better Pay, Legalized Polygamy, Ban on DNA Paternity Testing, Sexual Harassment Laws Expanded.
28 Oct 2008    Source
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I think the idea that feminism is dead is dangerous because it leads women and men to believe that (1) they don't have to do anything; the work has been done, and that everything is okay now; and (2) it leaves them kind of alone, I think, in a struggle, and that's something I've seen a lot when I go to colleges and I speak to young women. They know that something is off; they know that the world [is] a sexist place... ...because feminism isn't widely accepted...
21 Dec 2009    Source