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Is the Earth approximately 6000 years old? (as opposed to 4.5 billion)      Neutral      28 Sep 2008      -1 Point
The discovery of planets orbiting other stars ends the debate with neither the creationists nor the evolutionists winning. Granted, the creationists will continue to claim that there is no written proof that the other planets are more than 5000 years old.

Unfortunately, we have recently learned that nearly all stars have planets, they can be seen and photographed, and life is everywhere. Detection of other civilizations is only a decade or two away. Imagine how surprised those civilizations will be when they are told their histories end 5000 years in the past, regardless of their own written evidence to the contrary.

As for evolutionists, we didn't come from the muck. We weren't a lucky accident resulting from lightning striking amino acids. A more likely possibility is that poly extremophiles rained down upon this planet from the moment it formed and eventually some of them found a foothold and prospered.

Where did we ultimately come from? Maybe, we came from PSR B1620-26 b, the planet 13 billion years old that has been nicknamed Methuselah. Maybe we came from an even older planet? Maybe we came from an earlier universe? Whatever the answer, it won't be found here on Earth.

Just another reason for Humanity to get its fat ass of this tired old rock.

Ciao for now,


P.S. I’m inclined to think the Intelligent Design theory has credence because I have to wonder what environment could naturally produce poly extremophiles as wild as Deinococcus Radiodurans, called by NASA Conan the Bacterium? There must have been an intelligent hand involved in the process.

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