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I'm a private person.

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Does God exist?      Neutral      14 Apr 2012      -1 Point
I am completely neutral. I am non-religious as well.
There is no proof that God exists.
There is also no proof that he doesn't.
Religion is just something for people to rely on, so I say believe whatever you want!

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Thomas Jefferson
3rd United States President
100% agreement / 1 opinions

Mostly Agree
Albert Einstein
Physicist, Icon of the 20th Century
75% agreement / 2 opinions

Friedrich Nietzsche
Iconic Philosopher of 19th Century
75% agreement / 1 opinions

Steven Pinker
Psychology Professor
75% agreement / 1 opinions

John Clayton
Christian Teacher
50% agreement / 1 opinions

Austin Cline
50% agreement / 1 opinions

Barack Obama
United States President
50% agreement / 1 opinions

Richard Dawkins
Evolutionary Biologist, Writer, Atheism Activist
50% agreement / 1 opinions

Osama Bin Laden
Former Leader of Al Qaeda
50% agreement / 1 opinions

Bill Maher
Political T.V. Host, Comedian
50% agreement / 1 opinions

Mostly Disagree

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Coverage Group Answer Contributor Answer Question
Medium Mostly Disagree Neutral Does God exist?