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Did Michael Jackson molest children?      Disagree      28 Apr 2012      0 Points
NO! Michael Jackson was not a fucking child molestor. Here's what i've noticed whenever someone like Michael comes on this earth, they sacrifice their life for us in some way and then when they needed us the most, we put a knife in their back to where they can't get it out, inspite of everything they've done for us eventually we would hate them. The one thing we love more than a hero is to see one fall and suffer until they're dead, oh but see once they do die all of a sudden we love them; I don't think people like Michael belong here.

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Aphrodite Jones
True Crime Writer
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Macaulay Culkin
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People vs. Michael Jackson Jury
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Musician, Rapper
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Janet Arvizo
Mother of Alleged Child Victim of Michael Jackon
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Gene Simmons
Rock Star
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