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Can the US military presence in Iraq help create democracy?      Disagree      02 Nov 2010      1 Point
Democracy can not be created out of Military aggression.

Well, it can, but only when the oppressed rise up against the forces of aggression -- like in the American Revolution, or in India's.

Remember, the large majority of Iraqi's people have always wanted American forces out of their country and government. How is it American aggression there is going to "create democracy" when the military is itself non-democratic? If America were to support democracy in Iraq, shouldn't America help that nation respond to the democratic opinions of it's people?

Should the United States invade Iraq?      Disagree      02 Nov 2010      1 Point
1. There was no legal grounds for the invasion of Iraq, whatsoever.
2. That "Mr. Hussein must disarm!" or "That Iraq is building nuclear weapons!" is not grounds for invasion, by the international laws America helped create and by our domestic law. Needless to mention, military aggression wasn't supported by Iraqi law either.
3. The U.S. invasion of Iraq was projected by the Pentagon to make the world a more dangerous place -- to increase the raw number of terrorists, the potential for destruction from each of that growing population of terrorists, and to increase the rate of nuclear arms proliferation among terrorists and terrorist states. Even though the most educated military strategists in the world for the most powerful military in the world all agreed that the invasion would actually increase the amount of terrorism America and it's allies were to face, the political party in power lied to Americans that the "War on Terror" was going to reduce terrorism.
4. The U.S. has the biggest nuclear arms arsenal in the world. We already had some of these human-civilization-ending weapons pointed at Iraq when our military illegally began provoking Iraq into war. Iraq didn't respond. America used the excuse that "Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction" and that was somehow a threat to our power (remember, we had the biggest nuclear arsenal on the planet already developed...)

Do Muslims have the right to build a mosque near ground zero?      Agree      02 Nov 2010      2 Points
There is no legal or moral reason for preventing the renovation of the mosque in question. There have been other mosques near that location for over 40 years. American constitutional law protects freedom of religion.

Yes, of course Muslims (or anyone else) have the right to build a mosque near "ground zero". This is America, after all.

One could only justify preventing a mosque at ground zero if America were a Christian nation -- which President Adams signed into law as not true when composing the Treaty of Tripli. http://www.earlyamerica.com/review/summer97/secular.html

Muslims are not terrorists. They are people that believe in the same God as Christians and Jews.

Is marriage a good thing?      Neutral      02 Nov 2010      3 Points
This is an extremely subjective question, and requires attention on it's different elements to form any sensible answer.

"What is marriage?"
Is marriage a legal bond between sexual partners? Is marriage a moral relationship? Is marriage open to non-heterosexuals? In what society is the marriage taking place (not all cultures approve of marriage, so there'd be significant social pressure not to marry which would make marriage "bad")? Are these marriages chosen by the people being married, or are they forced by the families of those people? This question demands some constraints in order to yield intelligent answers.

"What is good?"
Is good what a person feels? Is good what society approves of? Is good something that doesn't harm the environment or culture that surrounds marriage candidates?

In the United States, among most WASPs over 50, I'd say that marriage is generally a "good thing." In the United States, among white teenagers, I'd say that marriage is generally a "bad thing."

Do children make you happy?      Neutral      02 Nov 2010      1 Point
Sometimes yes, they do. Sometimes no, they don't.

Happiness is often the result of focused attention on something difficult, but achievable. In this way, children might lead to happiness, as they fit the bill. But I wouldn't ever agree that by default children lead to happiness. For many, it's just the opposite. The answer to this question all depends on the context of parties involved.

Expert in the psychology of "flow" (related to the human perception of "happiness" or "creativity"), Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, is a solid reference resource. http://www.enlightennext.org/magazine/j21/csiksz.asp

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Barack Obama
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Kate Kellaway
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Bruce James Chapman
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Cahit Guven
Economics Lecturer
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Mohamed ElBaradei
Director of International Atomic Energy Agency
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Robin Hanson
Economics Professor
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Daniel Serwer
Vice President, U.S. Institute of Peace
75% agreement / 1 opinions

Sam Parker
Officer, U.S. Institute of Peace
75% agreement / 1 opinions

Sarah Wildman
75% agreement / 1 opinions

Bill Maher
Political T.V. Host, Comedian
75% agreement / 1 opinions

The Economist
Politics and Business Magazine
50% agreement / 3 opinions

Pickup Artist
50% agreement / 1 opinions

Sam Schulman
English Professor
50% agreement / 1 opinions

Jennifer Senior
50% agreement / 1 opinions

Erika Lawrence
Psychology Professor
50% agreement / 1 opinions

Time Magazine
Popular Magazine
50% agreement / 1 opinions

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John McCain
U.S. Senator, Republican
25% agreement / 3 opinions

George W. Bush
United States President 2001-2009
25% agreement / 2 opinions

M. Zuhdi Jasser
President of American Islamic Forum, U.S. Navy L. Commander
0% agreement / 1 opinions

Donald Trump
American Business Magnate
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Hillary Clinton
US Secretary of State 2009-, Democrat
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Rudy Giuliani
Former Mayor of New York City
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Sarah Palin
Former Governor of Alaska (Republican)
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Christian Encyclopedia
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Medium Disagree Should the United States invade Iraq?
Medium Agree Do Muslims have the right to build a mosque near ground zero?
Medium Neutral Is marriage a good thing?

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Low Mostly Disagree Disagree Can the US military presence in Iraq help create democracy?

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Medium Mostly Disagree Is Islam fundamentally a peaceful religion?
Medium Mostly Disagree Are America's rich taxed enough?
Low Neutral Will genocide occur if the US pulls its combat troops out of Iraq?
Low Mostly Agree Should atheists directly challenge religious beliefs?
Low Mostly Agree Is "ought" derived from "is"?
Low Agree Is free trade generally beneficial for a country?
Low Agree Is global warming caused primarily by humans?
Low Mostly Agree Does minimum wage help the poor?
Low Neutral Does Cap and Trade beat carbon tax for reducing emissions?
Low Neutral Are spiritual experiences evidence of the supernatural?
Low Mostly Disagree Is politics a waste of time for ordinary citizens?
Low Mostly Disagree Is trying to "change the world" foolish?
Low Neutral Should marijuana be decriminalized?
Low Neutral Is the war on drugs good policy?