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Is hypocrisy acceptable?      Disagree      10 Aug 2010      1 Point
According to wikipedia and dictionary.com, hypocrisy involves the deception of others and "is not simply failing to practice those virtues that one preaches."

Samuel Johnson is not arguing that hypocrisy is acceptable - he's arguing that it's unjust to label one who expresses zeal for those virtues which he neglects to practice as hypocritical.

Maybe there's some equivocation going on in this argument.

Is the quality of the idea a key factor in entrepreneurial success?      Neutral      12 Apr 2010      1 Point
I would suggest that a good idea is necessary but not sufficient - in other words, it's just a small part of what's needed for a successful business. And even if ideas are a dime a dozen, you need to invest in the right one.

Are our enemies innately evil?      Disagree      17 Mar 2010      1 Point
It's interesting that the supporters of this position are all devoutly religous... maybe it's eaiser to believe in innate evil if you believe in a supernatural framework.

Comparisons with Experts and Influencers

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Hannah Arendt
Political Theorist
100% agreement / 2 opinions

Pickup Artist
100% agreement / 1 opinions

Friedrich Nietzsche
Iconic Philosopher of 19th Century
100% agreement / 1 opinions

The Catholic Church
Largest Christian Church
100% agreement / 1 opinions

Eliezer Yudkowsky
Artificial Intelligence Researcher
100% agreement / 1 opinions

Dale Carnegie
Famous 20th Century Writer
100% agreement / 1 opinions

Mostly Agree
Jeff Atwood
Entrepreneur, Programmer
75% agreement / 1 opinions

Steve Ballmer
CEO of Microsoft
75% agreement / 1 opinions

Garrett Camp
Entrepreneur, Programmer
50% agreement / 1 opinions

Richard Dawkins
Evolutionary Biologist, Writer, Atheism Activist
50% agreement / 1 opinions

Dennis Fong
Entrepreneur, Celebrity Gamer
50% agreement / 1 opinions

John Judis
Political Analyst
50% agreement / 1 opinions

Mostly Disagree
George W. Bush
United States President 2001-2009
0% agreement / 1 opinions

Osama Bin Laden
Former Leader of Al Qaeda
0% agreement / 1 opinions

Kevin Rudd
Australian Prime Minister, 2007-2010
0% agreement / 1 opinions

Albert Mohler
President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
0% agreement / 1 opinions

David Runciman
Politics Professor
0% agreement / 1 opinions

Samuel Johnson
Inventor of Dictionary, Great 18th century writer
0% agreement / 1 opinions

Conforming Opinions

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Coverage Answer Question
High Disagree Are our enemies innately evil?
Medium Disagree Is hypocrisy acceptable?

Projected Opinions

Joe's projected opinions are opinions Joe is expected to have if their opinions align with the experts and influencers that they typically agree with.

Coverage Answer Question
High Neutral Can we handle the truth?
Medium Mostly Agree Did complex life evolve through the process of natural selection?
Medium Neutral Does God exist?
Medium Mostly Disagree Is free will an illusion?
Low Neutral Is hope good?
Low Neutral Can science prove or disprove the existence of God?
Low Neutral Is the Earth at the center of the solar system?
Low Neutral Is suicide morally acceptable?
Low Neutral Is censorship acceptable?
Low Neutral Is God just?
Low Disagree Should women have the right to vote?
Low Mostly Agree Does life have a meaning?
Low Neutral Is marriage a good thing?