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Bill Gates

Microsoft Cofounder, Philanthropist

Bill Gates (William Henry Gates III) cofounded Microsoft in 1975, and as CEO grew the company to become the richest man in the world by 1995, a title he kept for 13 years. He now runs the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, the largest charity in the world.

Bill Gates' Opinions

Two years from now, spam will be solved.
24 Jan 2004    Source

Mostly Agree
Governments and nonprofit groups have an irreplaceable role in helping [developing countries], but it will take too long if they try to do it alone. It is mainly corporations that have the skills to make technological innovations work for the poor. To make the most of those skills, we need a more creative capitalism: an attempt to stretch the reach of market forces so that more companies can benefit from doing work that makes more people better off.
31 Jul 2008    Source

[Bill Gates is betting that algae will provide the answer to our future fuel needs by investing in Sapphire Energy.]
23 Sep 2008    Source

I'm optimistic. I think people are beginning to recognize how important this is, and it really can make a difference for millions of lives, if we get it right. ... You know, the system doesn't naturally make it happen. Governments don't naturally pick these things in the right way. The private sector doesn't naturally put its resources into these things. So it's going to take brilliant people like you to study these things, get other people involved...
01 Feb 2009    Source

But the real story isn’t how bad H1N1 was. The real story is that we are lucky it wasn’t worse because we were almost completely unprepared for it. ... Hopefully this outbreak will serve as a wakeup call to get us to invest in better capabilities, because more epidemics will come in the decades ahead and there is no guarantee we will be lucky next time. The 1918 flu killed more than 50 million people.
18 Jan 2010    Source

Providing greater access to existing vaccines and making new vaccines available quickly could save 8 million lives by 2020. ... I’ve given kids the polio vaccine myself – it’s just a couple drops in the mouth. It’s quite magical knowing you are helping prevent a terrible, disfiguring disease. As a parent, I have a choice to provide my children with something that has the potential to prevent illness or even death. I want parents everywhere to have that same chance.
09 Feb 2010    Source

[Nuclear energy is a] hard path but it's a path that is more fruitful than most people think because innovation stopped in the 1970s. It's the only thing we have today other than hydrocarbons that provides a lot of power and you could build a lot more of it.
21 Jan 2010    Source

If you compare it to the amount that coal has killed per kilowatt hour [nuclear] is way, way less. When an accident does occur, however, its effects are much more visible. Coal kills fewer people at one time, which is highly preferred by politicians.
03 May 2011    Source

Mostly Disagree
...renewable sources... have some disadvantages. ... The density of energy gathered in these technologies is dramatically less than a power plant... ...they are also intermittent sources... ...we have transmission challenges... ...there's this storage problem... ... if you're counting on it for a 100% you need an incredible miracle battery... ...this shows up when you try to get the intermittent source to be above 20% to 30% of what you're using [as a ratio of total energy usage].
01 Feb 2010    Source

The [skeptics] who make scientific arguments are very few. [They say things such as] there are negative feedbacks effect to do with clouds that offset things... there are very few things that they can even say there's a chance in a million [of being true].
01 Feb 2010    Source

Comparisons with Other Experts and Influencers

The similarity between Bill Gates and each expert and influencer is calculated by looking at how the same questions were answered. These figures are used to calculate conforming, nonconforming, and projected opinions. The accuracy of the analysis depends on Bill Gates' coverage, which grows with the number of their opinions entered into TakeOnIt.

Barack Obama
United States President
93% agreement / 4 opinions

Steven Chu
US Energy Secretary, Nobel Laureate in Physics
91% agreement / 3 opinions

US Department of Health & Human Services
(HHS) Government Department
100% agreement / 2 opinions

Kevin Rudd
Australian Prime Minister, 2007-2010
100% agreement / 1 opinions

Mahatma Gandhi
Indian Political and Spiritual Leader
100% agreement / 1 opinions

World Nuclear Association
100% agreement / 1 opinions

Mostly Agree
John Deutch
Chemistry Professor
75% agreement / 2 opinions

Peter Singer
Philosophy Professor
75% agreement / 1 opinions

Ron Paul
U.S. Politician, Libertarian
50% agreement / 1 opinions

Nathan Paldor
Meteorology Professor
50% agreement / 1 opinions

Ernest J. Moniz
Physics Professor
50% agreement / 1 opinions

Mostly Disagree
Milton Friedman
Iconic Economist of 20th Century
25% agreement / 1 opinions

Roy Spencer
25% agreement / 1 opinions

Joseph Romm
Physicist, Environmentalist, Writer
25% agreement / 1 opinions

Richard Schabas
Medical Officer
25% agreement / 1 opinions

The Economist
Politics and Business Magazine
25% agreement / 1 opinions

Caroline Lucas
English Politician, Green Party
0% agreement / 2 opinions

Ralph Nader
Politician, Consumer Activist
0% agreement / 2 opinions

Tom Segalstad
Geology Professor
0% agreement / 1 opinions

Bill Maher
Political T.V. Host, Comedian
0% agreement / 1 opinions

Monte Hieb
Mining Engineer
0% agreement / 1 opinions

Rudolf Verspoor
0% agreement / 1 opinions

Conforming Opinions

Bill Gates' conforming opinions are opinions that align with the group of experts and influencers Bill Gates typically agrees with.

Coverage Answer Question
High Agree Do the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks?
High Agree Should the world embrace nuclear energy?
Medium Disagree Are we prepared for a pandemic?
Medium Agree Is nuclear energy safe enough to justify its use?
Medium Disagree Do negative feedback loops mostly cushion the effect of atmospheric CO2 increases?
Medium Disagree Is trying to "change the world" foolish?

Nonconforming Opinions

Bill Gates' nonconforming opinions are opinions that contradict the group of experts and influencers Bill Gates typically agrees with.

Coverage Group Answer Expert Answer Question
Low Agree Mostly Agree Is development aid to Africa effective?

Projected Opinions

Bill Gates' projected opinions are opinions Bill Gates is expected to have if their opinions align with the experts and influencers that they typically agree with.

Coverage Answer Question
Medium Agree Does God exist?
Medium Disagree Can renewables meet base-load energy demands?
Medium Agree Is global warming caused primarily by humans?
Low Agree Will IPCC climate models make accurate predictions?
Low Agree Do condoms effectively prevent HIV?
Low Neutral Should abortion be legal?
Low Agree Is free trade generally beneficial for a country?
Low Agree Do hotter global climates have more extreme weather patterns?
Low Agree Should gay and straight couples have the same legal benefits?
Low Neutral Should the federal government ban gay marriage?
Low Mostly Agree Is the death penalty acceptable?
Low Agree Should the United States have Universal health care?
Low Agree Does Iran intend to create nuclear weapons?
Low Agree Should the Kyoto protocol be adopted?
Low Neutral Is hope good?
Low Mostly Disagree Is politics a waste of time for ordinary citizens?
Low Neutral Do Muslims have the right to build a mosque near ground zero?
Low Mostly Disagree Is fusion power feasible as the next major energy source?
Low Mostly Disagree Is Yucca mountain the best place to store nuclear waste?