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Barack Obama

United States President

Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the United States. He is a Democrat with a liberal voting record, and was notably opposed to going to war with Iraq in 2003. He has been a Lecturer in Constitutional Law at Chicago University, the President of Harvard Law Review, and a U.S. Senator.

Barack Obama's Opinions

Even a successful war against Iraq will require a US occupation of undetermined length, at undetermined cost, with undetermined consequences.
02 Oct 2002    Source

I know that even a successful war against Iraq will require a US occupation of undetermined length, at undetermined cost, with undetermined consequences. I know that an invasion of Iraq without a clear rationale and without strong international support will only fan the flames of the Middle East, and encourage the worst, rather than best, impulses of the Arab world, and strengthen the recruitment arm of Al Qaeda. I am not opposed to all wars. I’m opposed to dumb wars.
02 Oct 2002    Source

Mostly Disagree
We should be more modest in our belief that we can impose democracy on a country through military force. In the past, it has been movements for freedom from within tyrannical regimes that have led to flourishing democracies; movements that continue today.
20 Nov 2006    Source

[maybe, but] if that's the criteria by which we are making decisions on the deployment of U.S. forces, then by that argument you would have 300,000 troops in the Congo right now - where millions have been slaughtered as a consequence of ethnic strife - which we haven't done. ... We would be deploying unilaterally and occupying the Sudan, which we haven't done. Those of us who care about Darfur don't think it would be a good idea.
20 Jul 2007    Source

...I think we need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws...
21 Jan 2004    Source

[Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor] Senator Obama does not believe in legalization of marijuana, but agrees with President Bush that long minimum sentences for first-time drug users may not be the best way to occupy jail space or heal people from their disease.
31 Jan 2008    Source

I'm not someone who believes in legalization of marijuana.
21 Jan 2004    Source

I think that the war on drugs have been an utter failure.
21 Jan 2004    Source

At a time when the Mexican government has so courageously taken on the drug cartels that have plagued both sides of the borders, it is absolutely critical that the United States joins as a full partner in dealing with this issue.
16 Apr 2009    Source

Hope in the face of difficulty, hope in the face of uncertainty, the audacity of hope. In the end, that is God's greatest gift to us, the bedrock of this nation; a belief in things not seen; a belief that there are better days ahead.
27 Jul 2004    Source

One voice can change a room, and if one voice can change a room, then it can change a city, and if it can change a city, it can change a state, and if it change a state, it can change a nation, and if it can change a nation, it can change the world. Your voice can change the world.
03 Jan 2008    Source

Globalization is not someone's political agenda. It is a technological revolution that is fundamentally changing the world's economy, producing winners and losers along the way. The question is not whether we can stop it, but how we respond to it. It's not whether we should protect our workers from competition, but what we can do to fully enable them to compete against workers all over the world.
30 Jun 2005    Source

Government policies can help, with little impact on market efficiency. We can raise the minimum wage. It may be true that any big jumps in the minimum wage discourage employers from hiring. But when the minimum wage has not been changed in nine years and has less purchasing power in real dollars than it did in 1955, so that someone working full-time today in a minimum wage job does not earn enough to raise out of poverty, such arguments carry less force.
01 Oct 2006    Source

The recovery plan and the financial stability plan are the immediate steps we're taking to revive our economy in the short-term. But the only way to fully restore America's economic strength is to make the long-term investments that will lead to new jobs, new industries, and a renewed ability to compete with the rest of the world. ... history tells us [that] government [shouldn't] supplant private enterprise; it [should] catalyze private enterprise.
24 Feb 2009    Source

The probabilities of some sort of pandemic striking in the next decade are extraordinarily high. ...if we make an investment now in creating the infrastructure for vaccine production, strengthening the distribution system and the relationship between federal, state and local governments, those investments won't be wasted even if we're lucky and this particular strain of avian flu doesn't mutate, because we'll then be in a position to deal with whatever pandemic comes down the road.
01 Oct 2005    Source

...there are over 400,000 embryos being stored in over 400 facilities throughout the United States. The majority of these are reserved for infertile couples. However, many of these embryos will go unused, destined for permanent storage in a freezer or disposal. We should expand and accelerate research using these embryos...
17 Jul 2006    Source

If condoms and potentially microbicides can prevent millions of deaths, they should be made more widely available. I know that there are those who, out of sincere religious conviction, oppose such measures. And with these folks, I must respectfully but unequivocally disagree. I do not accept the notion that those who make mistakes in their lives should be given an effective death sentence...
01 Dec 2006    Source

Universal health care for every single American must not be a question of whether, it must be a question of how. We have the ideas, we have the resources, and we will have universal health care in this country by the end of the next president's first term.
25 Jan 2007    Source

I trust women to make these decisions in conjunction with their doctors and their families and their clergy.
26 Apr 2007    Source

There may still be disputes about exactly how much we're contributing to the warming of the earth's atmosphere and how much is naturally occurring, but what we can be scientifically certain of is that our continued use of fossil fuels is pushing us to a point of no return.
03 Apr 2006    Source

[My baptism] came about as a choice and not an epiphany; the questions I had did not magically disappear. But kneeling beneath that cross on the South Side of Chicago, I felt God's spirit beckoning me. I submitted myself to His will, and dedicated myself to discovering His truth.
16 Oct 2006    Source

All across the world, in every kind of environment and region known to man, increasingly dangerous weather patterns and devastating storms are abruptly putting an end to the long-running debate over whether or not climate change is real. Not only is it real, it's here, and its effects are giving rise to a frighteningly new global phenomenon: the man-made natural disaster.
03 Apr 2006    Source

I think cap-and-trade system makes more sense. That’s why I proposed it because you can be very specific in terms of how we’re going to reduce the greenhouse gases by a particular level. ... [With] a carbon tax the cost will be passed onto consumers and that won’t happen with a cap-and-trade.
06 Jan 2008    Source

We will establish strong annual targets that set us on a course to reduce emissions to their 1990 levels by 2020 and reduce them an additional 80 percent by 2050.
18 Nov 2008    Source

Most of us do believe that gay couples should be able to visit each other in the hospital and share health care benefits; most of us do believe that they should be treated with dignity and have their privacy respected by the federal government. And we all know that if this amendment [constitutionally banning gay marriage] were to pass, it would close the door on much of this.
05 Jun 2006    Source

When it comes to federal rights, the over 1,100 rights that right now are not being given to same sex couples, I think that's unacceptable, and as president of the United States, I am going to fight hard to make sure that those rights are available.
09 Aug 2007    Source

...equality in relationship, family, and adoption rights is not some abstract principle; it’s about whether millions of LGBT Americans can finally live lives marked by dignity and freedom. That’s why we have to repeal laws like the Defense of Marriage Act. That’s why we have to eliminate discrimination against LGBT families. And that’s why we have to extend equal treatment in our family and adoption laws. I’ll be a president that stands up for American families – all of them.
01 Aug 2008    Source

Mostly Disagree
...people would ask me... "why would you wanna go into something dirty and nasty like politics?" And I understood the question because it revealed the cynicism people feel about public life today. That even though we may get involved out of civic obligation every few years, we don't always have confidence that government can make a difference in our lives. ... Ladies and gentlemen, this is our time. Our time to make a mark on history.
14 Jun 2006    Source

I cannot imagine anything more abhorrent to a veteran than seeing the flag they fought for being burned to make a political point. ... I share outrage at the thought of it being disrespected. And though I have never seen anyone burn a flag, if I did, it would take every ounce of restraint I had not to haul off and hit them. But we live in a country of laws. Laws are what stop people from resorting to physical violence to settle disagreements, and laws are what protect free speech.
27 Jun 2006    Source

Success in Afghanistan is vital to the security of the United States, to all NATO members, and to the people of Afghanistan. NATO's leaders must therefore send an unambiguous message that every country in NATO will do whatever needs to be done to destroy terrorist networks in Afghanistan, to prevent the Taliban from returning to power, and to bring greater security and well-being to the Afghan people.
03 Mar 2008    Source

[Our] values upon which our success depends, honesty and hard work, courage and fair play, tolerance and curiosity, loyalty and patriotism -- these things are old. These things are true. They have been the quiet force of progress throughout our history. What is demanded then is a return to these truths.
20 Jan 2009    Source

I think it would be helpful to remember the critical role that the separation of church and state has played in preserving not only our democracy but also our religious practice.
28 Jun 2006    Source

There has been only one conviction at Guantanamo. It was for a guilty plea on a -- on material support for terrorism. The sentence was nine months long. There has not been one conviction of a terrorist act. I have faith in America's courts, and I have faith in our JAGs. As President, I will close Guantanamo, reject the Military Commissions Act, and adhere to the Geneva Conventions. Our Constitution and our Uniform Code of Military Justice provide a framework for dealing with the terrorists.
01 Aug 2006    Source

It is precisely our ideals that give us the strength and the moral high ground to be able to effectively deal with the unthinking violence that we see emanating from terrorist organizations around the world.
22 Jan 2009    Source

Mostly Disagree
While the evidence tells me that the death penalty does little to deter crime, I believe there are some crimes--mass murder, the rape and murder of a child--so heinous that the community is justified in expressing the full measure of its outrage by meting out the ultimate punishment. On the other hand, the way capital cases were tried in Illinois at the time was so rife with error, questionable police tactics, racial bias, and shoddy lawyering, that 13 death row inmates had been exonerated.
01 Oct 2006    Source

Now, I have a Secret Service detail at this point. So it's hard to pretend that you don't have big guys who are packing around you at all times. [...] it's not something that I that I am thinking about on an ongoing basis. I think that every presidential candidate, certainly every president these days is a potential target. And that comes with the job. And you take the precautions that are necessary and then you go about your business.
01 Jan 2008    Source

Kneeling beneath that cross on the South Side of Chicago, I felt God's spirit beckoning me. I submitted myself to His will, and dedicated myself to discovering His truth.
01 Oct 2006    Source

I am a Christian, and I am a devout Christian. I believe in the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I believe that that faith gives me a path to be cleansed of sin and have eternal life.
23 Jan 2008    Source

We can and we should help Israelis and Palestinians both fulfill their national goals: two states living side by side in peace and security.
02 Mar 2007    Source

To this day, there are those who insist that the Holocaust never happened -- a denial of fact and truth that is baseless and ignorant and hateful.
05 Jun 2009    Source

The world must work to stop Iran’s uranium enrichment program and prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. It is far too dangerous to have nuclear weapons in the hands of a radical theocracy. And while we should take no option, including military action, off the table, sustained and aggressive diplomacy combined with tough sanctions should be our primary means to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons.
02 Mar 2007    Source

...if we show ourselves willing to talk and to offer carrots and sticks in order to deal with these pressing problems [then] if Iran then rejects any overtures of that sort, it puts us in a stronger position to mobilize the international community to ratchet up the pressure on Iran. Our unwillingness to talk or the perception that we are trying to bully our way through negotiations, that's eliminated as an excuse for them not dealing with these issues in an appropriate way.
23 Jul 2008    Source

For the last twenty years, U.S. foreign aid funding has done little more than keep pace with inflation. Doubling our foreign assistance spending by 2012 will help meet the challenge laid out by Tony Blair at the 2005 G-8 conference, and it will help push the rest of the developed world to invest in security and opportunity. As we have seen recently with large increases in funding for our AIDS programs, we have the capacity to make sure this funding makes a real difference.
23 Apr 2007    Source

Mostly Agree
If Iran fails to change course when presented with this choice by the US, it will be clear — to the people of Iran, and to the world — that the Iranian regime is the author of its own isolation. That will strengthen our hand with Russia and China as we insist on stronger sanctions in the Security Council. And we should work with Europe, Japan and the Gulf states to find every avenue outside the U.N. to isolate the Iranian regime [such as] expanding financial sanctions...
04 Jun 2008    Source

The auto industry is the backbone of American manufacturing and a critical part of our attempt to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. ... I have made it a high priority for my transition team to work on additional policy options to help the auto industry adjust, weather the financial crisis, and succeed in producing fuel-efficient cars here in the United States.
07 Nov 2008    Source

...my daughters should probably be treated by any admissions officer as folks who are pretty advantaged... [and] we should take into account white kids who have been disadvantaged.... [but] I think what we can say is that in our society race and class still intersect... I would like to think that ...affirmative action becomes a diminishing tool for us to achieve racial equality in this society.
14 May 2007    Source

A couple weeks ago, cops found an AK-47 near a West Side school... ...That type of weapon belongs on a battlefield, not on the streets of Chicago.
17 Jul 2007    Source

I will end the notion of Yucca Mountain because it has not been based on the sort of sound science that can assure people that they're going to be safe. ... I've been clear from the start that Yucca was a misconceived project.
15 Jan 2008    Source

I believe in evolution, and I believe there's a difference between science and faith. That doesn't make faith any less important than science. It just means they're two different things. And I think it's a mistake to try to cloud the teaching of science with theories that frankly don't hold up to scientific inquiry.
07 Apr 2008    Source

I believe in evolution, and I believe there's a difference between science and faith. That doesn't make faith any less important than science. It just means they're two different things. And I think it's a mistake to try to cloud the teaching of science with theories that frankly don't hold up to scientific inquiry.
07 Apr 2008    Source


Russia must back up its commitment to stop its violence and violation of Georgia's sovereignty.
13 Aug 2008    Source

Let me be as clear as possible... I think people's families are off-limits, and people's children are especially off-limits. This shouldn't be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin's performance as governor or her potential performance as a vice president. ... How a family deals with issues and teenage children, that shouldn't be the topic of our politics...
01 Sep 2008    Source

I was clear throughout this campaign and was clear throughout this transition that under my administration the United States does not torture. ... We will abide by the Geneva Conventions. We will uphold our highest ideals.
09 Jan 2009    Source

...in this country, we treat everybody equally in accordance with the law. Regardless of race. Regardless of religion. I ... will not comment on the wisdom of making a decision to put a mosque there. I was commenting very specifically on the right that people have that dates back to our founding. That's what our country's about and I think it's very important that as difficult as some of these issues are, we stay focused on who we are as a people and what our values are all about.
14 Aug 2010    Source

Now, I know it’s been long assumed that those who champion the environment are opposed to nuclear power. But the fact is, even though we’ve not broken ground on a new power plant -- new nuclear plant in 30 years, nuclear energy remains our largest source of fuel that produces no carbon emissions. To meet our growing energy needs and prevent the worst consequences of climate change, we'll need to increase our supply of nuclear power. It's that simple.
16 Feb 2010    Source

Now, none of this is to say that there aren't some serious drawbacks with respect to nuclear energy that have to be addressed. ...nuclear power generates waste, and we need to accelerate our efforts to find ways of storing this waste safely and disposing of it. ...these plants also have to be held to the highest and strictest safety standards to answer the legitimate concerns of Americans who live near and far from these facilities. ... But investing in nuclear energy remains a necessary step.
16 Feb 2010    Source

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American Civil Liberties Union
(ACLU) Lobbyist
96% agreement / 7 opinions

Hillary Clinton
US Secretary of State 2009-, Democrat
85% agreement / 7 opinions

Colin Powell
Former U.S. Secretary of State
100% agreement / 4 opinions

Bill Gates
Microsoft Cofounder, Philanthropist
93% agreement / 4 opinions

Joe Biden
US Vice President, Democrat
100% agreement / 4 opinions

David Foster Wallace
Novelist, Essayist, English Professor
100% agreement / 3 opinions

Mostly Agree
The Economist
Politics and Business Magazine
62% agreement / 10 opinions

Robin Hanson
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60% agreement / 7 opinions

Kevin Rudd
Australian Prime Minister, 2007-2010
79% agreement / 6 opinions

Steven Chu
US Energy Secretary, Nobel Laureate in Physics
75% agreement / 3 opinions

Osama Bin Laden
Former Leader of Al Qaeda
66% agreement / 3 opinions

John McCain
U.S. Senator, Republican
47% agreement / 21 opinions

The Catholic Church
Largest Christian Church
44% agreement / 9 opinions

Ayn Rand
Philosopher, Novelist
41% agreement / 6 opinions

Donald Trump
American Business Magnate
44% agreement / 5 opinions

Steven Pinker
Psychology Professor
50% agreement / 3 opinions

Paul Krugman
Nobel Laureate in Economics
58% agreement / 3 opinions

Mostly Disagree
George W. Bush
United States President 2001-2009
25% agreement / 11 opinions

Christian Encyclopedia
36% agreement / 9 opinions

Ron Paul
U.S. Politician, Libertarian
40% agreement / 5 opinions

Mitt Romney
Former Governor of Massachusetts
35% agreement / 5 opinions

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
President of Iran
25% agreement / 4 opinions

Eliezer Yudkowsky
Artificial Intelligence Researcher
33% agreement / 3 opinions

Sarah Palin
Former Governor of Alaska (Republican)
3% agreement / 8 opinions

Milton Friedman
Iconic Economist of 20th Century
19% agreement / 5 opinions

Ann Coulter
Political Commentator
0% agreement / 3 opinions

Roy Spencer
16% agreement / 3 opinions

Old Testament
Bible for Jews and Christians
16% agreement / 3 opinions

Conforming Opinions

Barack Obama's conforming opinions are opinions that align with the group of experts and influencers Barack Obama typically agrees with.

Coverage Answer Question
High Agree Is global warming caused primarily by humans?
High Agree Does God exist?
High Disagree Is abstinence-only sex education effective?
High Agree Should abortion be legal?
High Agree Is free trade generally beneficial for a country?
High Agree Should the US close Guantanamo Bay?
Medium Disagree Are we prepared for a pandemic?
Medium Disagree Is Yucca mountain the best place to store nuclear waste?
Medium Disagree Is trying to "change the world" foolish?
Medium Disagree Should Intelligent Design be taught in science class?
Medium Agree Is development aid to Africa effective?
Medium Agree Should the world embrace nuclear energy?
Low Mostly Disagree Can the US military presence in Iraq help create democracy?
Low Disagree Is torture ever justified?
Low Agree Should gay and straight couples have the same legal benefits?
Low Agree Should religious institutions be separated from government?
Low Agree Can the military presence in Afghanistan help create democracy?
Low Mostly Disagree Is the death penalty acceptable?
Low Neutral Will genocide occur if the US pulls its combat troops out of Iraq?
Low Agree Is truthfulness a characteristic of a politician who is good for the people?
Low Agree Should flag burning be legal?
Low Agree Should the United States have Universal health care?

Nonconforming Opinions

Barack Obama's nonconforming opinions are opinions that contradict the group of experts and influencers Barack Obama typically agrees with.

Coverage Group Answer Expert Answer Question
Medium Neutral Agree Does Cap and Trade beat carbon tax for reducing emissions?
Medium Neutral Disagree Should the United States invade Iraq?
Low Mostly Agree Agree Does minimum wage help the poor?
Low Neutral Agree Should the US Government bail out car companies?

Projected Opinions

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Coverage Answer Question
Medium Mostly Agree Does Iraq possess weapons of mass destruction?
Medium Agree Is nuclear energy safe enough to justify its use?
Medium Mostly Agree Should the burka be banned?
Medium Mostly Agree Do the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks?
Low Neutral Is optimism rational?
Low Mostly Agree Will solar be the biggest energy source of the future?
Low Disagree Did the US Government play a part in the 9/11 attacks?
Low Mostly Agree Is capitalism good?
Low Agree Do condoms effectively prevent HIV?
Low Disagree Can science prove or disprove the existence of God?
Low Neutral Are people who reject theories as unscientific closed minded?
Low Agree Does drug prohibition reduce drug usage?
Low Disagree Can hallucinogens enrich one's life?
Low Neutral Is Islam fundamentally a peaceful religion?
Low Agree Should psychoactive drugs be legal?
Low Disagree Is Barack Obama a Muslim?
Low Disagree Should marijuana be decriminalized?
Low Neutral Are computer games a significant cause of violence?
Low Agree Is the war on drugs good policy?
Low Disagree Do negative feedback loops mostly cushion the effect of atmospheric CO2 increases?
Low Mostly Disagree Will Australia enter a recession before 2010?
Low Neutral Is a National Broadband Network for Australia good value at $37 billion?