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Karl Marx

Father of Communism

Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a philosopher who laid the intellectual foundation for Communism. His conception of utopia was realized in the 20th century, though neither as he intended nor anticipated, through leaders such as Russia's Lenin and China's Mao.

Karl Marx's Opinions

The foundation of irreligious criticism is: Man makes religion, religion does not make man. ... Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness.
01 Feb 1844    Source

All the destructive phenomena which unlimited competition gives rise to within one country are reproduced in more gigantic proportions on the world market.
09 Jan 1848    Source

In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.
21 Feb 1848    Source

Comparisons with Other Experts and Influencers

The similarity between Karl Marx and each expert and influencer is calculated by looking at how the same questions were answered. These figures are used to calculate conforming, nonconforming, and projected opinions. The accuracy of the analysis depends on Karl Marx's coverage, which grows with the number of their opinions entered into TakeOnIt.

Peter Joseph
Movie Producer
100% agreement / 2 opinions

Ralph Nader
Politician, Consumer Activist
100% agreement / 1 opinions

Bertrand Russell
Iconic Philosopher of 20th Century
100% agreement / 1 opinions

Richard Dawkins
Evolutionary Biologist, Writer, Atheism Activist
100% agreement / 1 opinions

Noam Chomsky
Linguistics & Philosophy Professor
100% agreement / 1 opinions

Austin Cline
100% agreement / 1 opinions

Mostly Agree
Steven Pinker
Psychology Professor
75% agreement / 1 opinions

Friedrich Nietzsche
Iconic Philosopher of 19th Century
75% agreement / 1 opinions

Osama Bin Laden
Former Leader of Al Qaeda
50% agreement / 2 opinions

Mostly Disagree
Ayn Rand
Philosopher, Novelist
33% agreement / 3 opinions

Robin Hanson
Economics Professor
25% agreement / 2 opinions

Sigmund Freud
Famous Psychologist
25% agreement / 1 opinions

Christian Encyclopedia
0% agreement / 3 opinions

Ron Paul
U.S. Politician, Libertarian
0% agreement / 2 opinions

Kevin Rudd
Australian Prime Minister, 2007-2010
0% agreement / 2 opinions

Milton Friedman
Iconic Economist of 20th Century
0% agreement / 2 opinions

Barack Obama
United States President
0% agreement / 2 opinions

Adam Smith
Founder of Modern Economics
0% agreement / 2 opinions

Conforming Opinions

Karl Marx's conforming opinions are opinions that align with the group of experts and influencers Karl Marx typically agrees with.

Coverage Answer Question
High Disagree Does God exist?
Medium Disagree Is free trade generally beneficial for a country?
Low Disagree Is capitalism good?

Projected Opinions

Karl Marx's projected opinions are opinions Karl Marx is expected to have if their opinions align with the experts and influencers that they typically agree with.

Coverage Answer Question
High Neutral Can science prove or disprove the existence of God?
Medium Disagree Is God just?
Medium Mostly Agree Is free will an illusion?
Medium Mostly Disagree Did the US Government play a part in the 9/11 attacks?
Medium Disagree Does astrology work (is personality correlated with the positions of celestial bodies at birth)?
Medium Agree Should atheists directly challenge religious beliefs?
Medium Agree Did complex life evolve through the process of natural selection?
Medium Disagree Are our enemies innately evil?
Medium Mostly Agree Can we handle the truth?
Low Disagree Must God exist to explain how the universe began?
Low Disagree Is censorship acceptable?
Low Disagree Do we have an immaterial soul?
Low Disagree Is truth relative?
Low Agree Is self-deception a fault?
Low Disagree Does homeopathy work?
Low Disagree Does everything happen for a reason?