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Deepak Chopra

Inventor of Quantum Healing

Deepak Chopra is an American physician born in India, an author and lecturer on Ayurveda, spirituality and mind-body medicine. Chopra began his career as an endocrinologist and later shifted his focus to alternative medicine. Chopra is a former leader of the Transcendental Meditation movement. In the late 1980s, he began publishing self-help books on New Age spirituality and alternative medicine.

Deepak Chopra's Opinions

[One of the many eye exercises are taken from Dr. Chopra's audio tape set Magical Mind:] This exercise improves flexibility, pliability, and elasticity to the lens. Focusing - To change the focal length of the lens & improve the internal muscles of the eyeballs, look at an object up close and then at a distance. For example look at your hand 6 inches from your face and then look at an object on the horizon. Repeat this exercise for 15 times without straining.
01 Jan 1993    Source

[The homeopathy debate] represents the usual confusion. Adherents to alternative medicine clash with the establishment, both sides pointing to their own research, but both sides also having to admit that definitive results never seem to settle their disputes. I've come to feel that the argument will never be settled until we accept a fact of nature: everyone has a unique response to disease. No single treatment can be expected to cure or prevent illness with complete reliability...
26 Nov 2007    Source


If you're a fundamentalist, it doesn't matter what religion you are, Hindu or Buddhist or Christian or Muslim, you're tied to a literal interpretation of the scripture. ...[But if you look deeper]... Biblical literature contains the various stages of understanding God, as does Vedanta and every other religion. The fact is that Christ wasn't a Christian and Mohammed wasn't a Mohammedan; Buddha wasn't a Buddhist. These are dogmas and ideologies. The fight is about semantics.
01 Mar 2001    Source

...God is the field of consciousness that creates, governs, and controls the manifest world. This consciousness has an invisible aspect beyond space and time. We can posit that because there was no space or time before the Big Bang, yet there had to be something that allowed the universe and the laws of nature to coalesce with such amazing orderliness than with the slightest deviation, life could not have evolved.
22 Mar 2010    Source

How does nature take creative leaps? In the fossil record there are repeated gaps that no "missing link" can fill. The most glaring is the leap by which inorganic molecules turned into DNA. ... If mutations are random, why does the fossil record demonstrate so many positive mutations -- those that lead to new species -- and so few negative ones? ... How can whole systems appear all at once? The leap from reptile to bird is proven by the fossil record ... to our embarrassment....
23 Aug 2005    Source

Darwin's theory of evolution is an enormous over-simplification. ...it's simple enough to teach to children between recess and lunch. But it fails to capture the driving force and what's really going on. It is time to step back and take a look at the big picture. ... The challenge, alas, is to peer not just behind our ancestral way of thinking, but to grasp the world in a way that is at the same time simpler and more demanding than what we are accustomed to.
05 Oct 2009    Source

There are many [proofs]. One is near-death experience, and the second are the stories that are recounted by children who've experienced reincarnation... The third are the conscious death experiences of the bardo Tibetan rituals. And fourth is afterlife experiments where, through mediums, contact is made with a disembodied consciousness. ... Then there are the theoretical constructs that come to us from information theory... Being non local, [consciousness] cannot be created or destroyed.
01 Nov 2006    Source

Children who remember their past lives have now been studied in detail at the Univ. of Virginia. In some of the most striking cases, the child was born with a birthmark that matched the way he had died in the previous life (for example, entry and exit wounds from a bullet). The number of cases is now over 2,500.
10 Nov 2006    Source

There is room for a new paradigm that preserves all the achievements of science ... while giving the universe meaning and significance. Dawkins shows no interest in uniting these two perspectives (he disdains the whole notion of a religious scientist), but many of is colleagues do.
17 Nov 2006    Source

Besides the various experiments in telepathy and 'remote viewing,' which are much more credible than skeptics will admit, there is a replicated study from the engineering department at Princeton in which ordinary people could will a computer to generate a certain pattern of numbers. They did this through thought alone, having no contact with the machine itself.
10 Nov 2006    Source

A materialist could conceivably analyze the brain functions of [a] Mozart down to the last synaptic firing, but that would tell us nothing about why music exists, why it is beautiful, where great symphonies come from, why inspiration uplifts the listener, or in fact any relevant thing about the meaning of music. The world ... has meaning, deep meaning at times. This cannot be dismissed as a delusion, an artifact of chemicals. Beauty and meaning can be known independent of a biochemical analysis.
15 Nov 2006    Source

...the brain being a physical organ cannot process real creativity as per Gödel's Theorem ... or even have free will.
27 Mar 2010    Source

A very simple way to interpret karma is that it is conditioned response, the past influencing the circumstances of the present as well as our tendencies to act in conditioned patterns of behavior. We become bundles of conditioned reflexes constantly triggered by people and circumstances into predicted outcomes. Hence karma is considered to be a prison, a bondage. The goal of the spiritual journey is to escape the prison of karma and bring about the true response of our soul which is creativity.
21 Feb 2009    Source

...the universe was until rather recently [thought to be] a lifeless collection of particles bouncing against each other, and obeying predetermined rules [of mysterious]... origin. The universe is presented as a watch that somehow wound itself and that, allowing for a degree of quantum randomness, will unwind in a semi-predictable way. But there are many problems with this paradigm - some obvious, others rarely mentioned but just as fundamental. ...the overarching problem involves life...
05 Oct 2009    Source

Today science tells us that the essential nature of reality is non-local correlation. Everything is connected to everything else. That there's hidden creativity. That there are quantum leaps of creativity. That there's something called the observer effect where intention orchestrates space time events which we then measure as ... motion and energy and matter and we can have a personal relationship with this intelligence because we have a consciousness that is part of the sea of consciousness.
23 Mar 2010    Source

My first experience with spirituality was with LSD when I was 17. I can honestly say that it was my first excursion into other dimensions. ...[However] I would not recommend anyone in try a [psychedelic drug] on their own. If your really want to try it, go to South america, go to Peru, and look for a really authentic shaman who does these rituals.
29 Oct 2009    Source

The Chopra Center for Wellbeing endorses Zrii as a high quality, reliable formulation of the rejuvenative fruit Amalaki (Emblica officinalis). ... Zrii is rich in antioxidants...
10 Jun 2010    Source

... Everything happens for a reason. ... Just as the material world is connected invisibly at the quantum level, the subtle world is connected by a field of consciousness. A prayer, a desire to be healed, a wish for peace, hope for reassurance about the dead -- each impulse enters the field of consciousness and is responded to, just as every material event enters the quantum field and is responded to, down to the least quark and photon.
08 Jun 2010    Source

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Medium Agree Is rebirth/reincarnation plausible?
Medium Agree Can hallucinogens enrich one's life?
Medium Disagree Is life a deterministic consequence of physical laws?
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Medium Agree Are our enemies innately evil?
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