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Ayn Rand

Philosopher, Novelist

Ayn Rand (1905 – 1982) was a Russian-American novelist, philosopher, playwright, and screenwriter. She is known for her two best-selling novels and for developing a philosophical system she called Objectivism.

Ayn Rand's Opinions

That which you call your soul or spirit is your consciousness, and that which you call “free will” is your mind’s freedom to think or not, the only will you have, your only freedom, the choice that controls all the choices you make and determines your life and your character.
01 Dec 1963    Source

An emotion as such tells you nothing about reality, beyond the fact that something makes you feel something. Without a ruthlessly honest commitment to introspection—to the conceptual identification of your inner states—you will not discover what you feel, what arouses the feeling, and whether your feeling is an appropriate response to the facts of reality, or a mistaken response, or a vicious illusion produced by years of self-deception . . . .
01 Nov 1984    Source

The New Intellectual [will discard] the soul-body dichotomy. He will discard its irrational conflicts and contradictions, such as: mind versus heart, thought versus action, reality versus desire, the practical versus the moral. He will be an integrated man, that is: a thinker who is a man of action.
01 Dec 1963    Source

[T]oday we see the spectacle of old Marxists blessing, aiding and abetting the young hoodlums [of the New Left] (who are their products and heirs) who proclaim the superiority of feelings over reason, of faith over knowledge, of leisure over production, of spiritual concerns over material comforts, of primitive nature over technology, of astrology over science, of drugs over consciousness.
01 Jan 1971    Source

It has often been noted that a proof of God would be fatal to religion: a God susceptible of proof would have to be finite and limited; He would be one entity among others within the universe, not a mystic omnipotence transcending science and reality. What nourishes the spirit of religion is not proof, but faith, i.e., the undercutting of man’s mind.
01 Apr 1981    Source

I am not a student of the theory of evolution and, therefore, I am neither its supporter nor its opponent. But a certain hypothesis has haunted me for years; I want to stress that it is only hypothesis. There is an enormous breach of continuity between nature and man’s consciousness, in its distinctive characteristic: his conceptual faculty.
01 Nov 1984    Source

Ethics is an objective, metaphysical necessity of man’s survival... Man must choose his actions, values and goals by the standard of that which is proper to man—in order to achieve, maintain, fulfill and enjoy that ultimate value, that end in itself, which is his own life.
01 Jan 1964    Source

In answer to those philosophers who claim that no relation can be established between ultimate ends or values and the facts of reality, let me stress that the fact that living entities exist and function necessitates the existence of values and of an ultimate value which for any given living entity is its own life. Thus the validation of value judgments is to be achieved by reference to the facts of reality. The fact that a living entity is, determines what it ought to do.
01 Nov 1964    Source

“Democratic” in its original meaning [refers to] unlimited majority rule... ...a social system in which one’s work, one’s property, one’s mind, and one’s life are at the mercy of any gang that may muster the vote of a majority at any moment for any purpose.
01 Jan 1964    Source

The moral justification of capitalism does not lie in the altruist claim that it represents the best way to achieve “the common good.” It is true that capitalism does—if that catch-phrase has any meaning—but this is merely a secondary consequence. The moral justification of capitalism lies in the fact that it is the only system consonant with man’s rational nature, that it protects man’s survival qua man, and that its ruling principle is: justice.
15 Jul 1986    Source

“God” as traditionally defined is a systematic contradiction of every valid metaphysical principle. The point is wider than just the Judeo-Christian concept of God. No argument will get you from this world to a supernatural world. No reason will lead you to a world contradicting this one. No method of inference will enable you to leap from existence to a “super-existence.”
01 Jan 1976    Source

Objectivism advocates reason as man’s sole means of knowledge, and therefore, for the reasons I have already given, it is atheist. It denies any supernatural dimension presented as a contradiction of nature, of existence. This applies not only to God, but also to every variant of the supernatural ever advocated or to be advocated. In other words, we accept reality, and that’s all.
01 Jan 1976    Source


Is God the creator of the universe? There can be no creation of something out of nothing. There is no nothing.
01 Jan 1976    Source


Today’s widespread unemployment is the result of organized labor’s privileges and of allied measures, such as minimum wage laws.
01 Jan 1976    Source

Truth is the product of the recognition (i.e., identification) of the facts of reality. Man identifies and integrates the facts of reality by means of concepts. He retains concepts in his mind by means of definitions. He organizes concepts into propositions—and the truth or falsehood of his propositions rests, not only on their relation to the facts he asserts, but also on the truth or falsehood of the definitions of the concepts he uses to assert them...
03 Apr 1979    Source

The government has no source of revenue, except the taxes paid by the producers. To free itself—for a while—from the limits set by reality, the government initiates a credit con game on a scale which the private manipulator could not dream of. It borrows money from you today, which is to be repaid with money it will borrow from you tomorrow, which is to be repaid with money it will borrow from you day after tomorrow, and so on. This is known as “deficit financing.”
01 Nov 1984    Source

The essence of capitalism’s foreign policy is free trade—i.e., the abolition of trade barriers, of protective tariffs, of special privileges—the opening of the world’s trade routes to free international exchange and competition among the private citizens of all countries dealing directly with one another.
15 Jul 1986    Source

An embryo has no rights. Rights do not pertain to a potential, only to an actual being. A child cannot acquire any rights until it is born. The living take precedence over the not-yet-living (or the unborn).
01 Jan 1989    Source

Comparisons with Other Experts and Influencers

The similarity between Ayn Rand and each expert and influencer is calculated by looking at how the same questions were answered. These figures are used to calculate conforming, nonconforming, and projected opinions. The accuracy of the analysis depends on Ayn Rand's coverage, which grows with the number of their opinions entered into TakeOnIt.

Richard Dawkins
Evolutionary Biologist, Writer, Atheism Activist
94% agreement / 9 opinions

Eliezer Yudkowsky
Artificial Intelligence Researcher
90% agreement / 5 opinions

Sam Harris
Writer, Speaker, Atheism Activist
93% agreement / 4 opinions

Milton Friedman
Iconic Economist of 20th Century
100% agreement / 4 opinions

Austin Cline
100% agreement / 4 opinions

Julia Gillard
Prime Minister, Australia
100% agreement / 2 opinions

Mostly Agree
Robin Hanson
Economics Professor
67% agreement / 7 opinions

Paul Z. Myers
Biology Professor
66% agreement / 6 opinions

Bertrand Russell
Iconic Philosopher of 20th Century
66% agreement / 3 opinions

Tyler Cowen
Economics Professor
62% agreement / 2 opinions

Paul Krugman
Nobel Laureate in Economics
62% agreement / 2 opinions

Steven Pinker
Psychology Professor
62% agreement / 2 opinions

Barack Obama
United States President
41% agreement / 6 opinions

Christian Encyclopedia
50% agreement / 5 opinions

John McCain
U.S. Senator, Republican
58% agreement / 3 opinions

Steven Weinberg
Nobel Laureate in Physics
58% agreement / 3 opinions

Sigmund Freud
Famous Psychologist
50% agreement / 2 opinions

Kevin Rudd
Australian Prime Minister, 2007-2010
50% agreement / 2 opinions

Mostly Disagree
The Catholic Church
Largest Christian Church
35% agreement / 5 opinions

Osama Bin Laden
Former Leader of Al Qaeda
33% agreement / 3 opinions

Ron Paul
U.S. Politician, Libertarian
33% agreement / 3 opinions

Karl Marx
Father of Communism
33% agreement / 3 opinions

Sam Brownback
Senator, Republican
25% agreement / 2 opinions

Friedrich Nietzsche
Iconic Philosopher of 19th Century
37% agreement / 2 opinions

Deepak Chopra
Inventor of Quantum Healing
16% agreement / 3 opinions

Liz Greene
Pioneer in Modern Astrology
0% agreement / 2 opinions

Richard Feynman
Nobel Laureate in Physics
0% agreement / 2 opinions

Conforming Opinions

Ayn Rand's conforming opinions are opinions that align with the group of experts and influencers Ayn Rand typically agrees with.

Coverage Answer Question
High Disagree Does God exist?
High Agree Should abortion be legal?
High Agree Should atheists directly challenge religious beliefs?
High Agree Is free trade generally beneficial for a country?
High Disagree Does astrology work (is personality correlated with the positions of celestial bodies at birth)?
High Disagree Does government spending help mitigate a recession?
High Disagree Do we have an immaterial soul?
High Disagree Is truth relative?
High Agree Is self-deception a fault?
Medium Disagree Must God exist to explain how the universe began?
Medium Disagree Does minimum wage help the poor?
Low Agree Is capitalism good?
Low Disagree Is democracy the best form of government?
Low Agree Is morality objective?
Low Disagree Are the core truths of science and religion complementary?

Nonconforming Opinions

Ayn Rand's nonconforming opinions are opinions that contradict the group of experts and influencers Ayn Rand typically agrees with.

Coverage Group Answer Expert Answer Question
High Agree Neutral Did complex life evolve through the process of natural selection?
Medium Mostly Disagree Disagree Is free will an illusion?
Low Neutral Agree Is "ought" derived from "is"?

Projected Opinions

Ayn Rand's projected opinions are opinions Ayn Rand is expected to have if their opinions align with the experts and influencers that they typically agree with.

Coverage Answer Question
High Neutral Can science prove or disprove the existence of God?
Medium Disagree Is the health risk of a psychoactive drug a legitimate reason to make it illegal?
Medium Agree Should the US close Guantanamo Bay?
Medium Neutral Can we handle the truth?
Medium Agree Should marijuana be legal?
Medium Disagree Is God just?
Medium Disagree Does homeopathy work?
Medium Agree Should the United States invade Iraq?
Medium Agree Is global warming caused primarily by humans?
Medium Agree Should psychoactive drugs be legal?
Medium Mostly Agree Is the war on drugs good policy?
Medium Disagree Is the unconscious philosophical zombie possible?
Medium Disagree Are psychic powers real?
Low Mostly Disagree Is the theory of evolution falsified by fossil evidence?
Low Agree Can reductionist methods help explain consciousness?
Low Disagree Is censorship acceptable?
Low Mostly Disagree Does religion encourage good behavior?
Low Neutral Would the world be better off without the Catholic Church?
Low Disagree Have aliens from outer space visited Earth?
Low Neutral Is living forever or having a greatly extended lifespan desirable?
Low Mostly Disagree Is Yucca mountain the best place to store nuclear waste?
Low Agree Could a computer ever be conscious?
Low Mostly Disagree Are politicians generally good people?
Low Mostly Agree Is efficient market theory the best approximation of the truth for the average investor?
Low Mostly Disagree Does Cap and Trade beat carbon tax for reducing emissions?
Low Disagree Is Barack Obama a Muslim?
Low Agree Does Iraq possess weapons of mass destruction?
Low Disagree Does money make you happy? (specifically: absolute spending power)
Low Disagree Do ghosts exist?
Low Agree Should flag burning be legal?
Low Neutral Does drug prohibition reduce drug usage?
Low Neutral Should Julian Assange be considered a criminal for Wikileaks?
Low Neutral Is a technological singularity likely?
Low Agree Do Muslims have the right to build a mosque near ground zero?
Low Neutral Is there a Law of Karma?
Low Disagree Is rebirth/reincarnation plausible?
Low Mostly Disagree Are our enemies innately evil?
Low Neutral Is information-theoretic death the most real interpretation of death?