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The Dirty Enemy Pitch

Pitch Type:  Credibility 

The Dirty Enemy Pitch claims your opponent is using dirty tactics to prove their point or get their way.

What's a Pitch?

A pitch is a label for a commonly used argument or persuasion strategy.

Blog Post on Pitches


Sarah Palin    Former Governor of Alaska (Republican)
It's been grossly misunderstood on many fronts. When you see the pictures, the visuals used in the opponents' message--and usually this is extreme environmentalists--their message as to why ANWR shouldn't be touched, you see pictures of mountains and rivers and beautiful green valleys. That's not ANWR. ANWR is a flat, barren plain that is very, very rich in resources.

Hillary Clinton    US Secretary of State 2009-, Democrat
Instead of recognizing the irrefutable evidence, this Administration has launched a war on science itself. Political appointees have censored studies on global warming, silenced climate experts. According to a survey by the Union of Concerned Scientists, nearly 3/4 of climate experts witnessed inappropriate interference in climate research.

Nathan Paldor    Meteorology Professor
Many of my colleagues with whom I spoke share these views and report on their inability to publish their skepticism in the scientific or public media.

Ali Khamenei    Supreme Leader of Iran
I assume that enemies intend to eliminate the sweetness of the election with their hostile provocation.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad    President of Iran
We saw the participation of about 40 million people in a totally free election. This is a great victory at a time and condition when the entire material, political and propaganda facilities outside Iran and sometimes inside Iran were totally mobilized against the people and leveled the heaviest pressure and psychological warfare organized against the people of Iran. Yet the Iranians with full vigilance… chose the path to the future… rather than returning to the past.

Peter Finch    Statistics Professor
First, studies which in any other area of science would be rejected as second-rate and inferior but which support antismoking are accepted as first-rate. Second, studies which are conducted according to orthodox and rigorous design but which do not support the idea that smoking is harmful are not merely ignored but suppressed. Third, authorities who are duty-bound to represent the truth have failed to do so and have presented not just untruths but the reverse of the truth.

Paul Krugman    Nobel Laureate in Economics
There are certainly legitimate arguments against spending-based fiscal stimulus. You can worry about the burden of debt; you can argue that the government will spend money so badly that the jobs created are not worth having; and I’m sure there are other arguments worth taking seriously. What’s been disturbing, however, is the parade of first-rate economists making totally non-serious arguments against fiscal expansion. ...

Noam Chomsky    Linguistics & Philosophy Professor
I don't understand how people can talk about "free trade" with a straight face. ... There is so much deception in the way the issues are formulated that it's impossible to proceed, without unraveling an intricate web of doctrinal mythology. ...talk of capital conceals [that] we are speaking of owners of capital, who are vastly unequal in power, naturally. In the real world, free movement of capital entails radical restriction of democracy, for obvious reasons that have long been well understood.

Peter Joseph    Movie Producer
In turn, free market capitalism in the form of free trade, uses debt to imprison the world and manipulate countries into subservience to a handful of large business and political powers. Apart from these obvious amoralities, the system itself is based on competition, which immediately destroys the possibility of large scale collaborations for the common good. Hence paralyzing any attempt at true global sustainability.

Thinking Girl    Blogger
...nothing is honest in this world anymore! ... At least, not when it comes to sex. ... Maybe I’ll start a business of my own ... and instead of teaching men sleazy tricks to get into a woman’s pants, I’ll teach them how to actually treat women with respect. But, oh, wait – a business like that won’t make any money! The ones that make money are the ones that teach men to trick women. Because apparently, some men would rather learn how to trick a woman than learn how to be respectful and genuine.

Saira Khan    British Television Personality
We are led to believe that we must live with [the burka] in the name of 'tolerance'. The veil is simply a tool of oppression which is being used to alienate and control women under the guise of religious freedom. ... The veil restricts women. It stops them achieving their full potential in all areas of their life, and it stops them communicating. It sends out a clear message: 'I do not want to be part of your society.' ... We must unite against the radical Muslim men who love to control women.