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The Overwhelming Evidence Pitch

Pitch Type:  Analytical 

The Overwhelming Evidence Pitch claims your opinion is overwhelmingly supported by the available evidence, and that those who disagree simply haven't appreciated the evidence.

What's a Pitch?

A pitch is a label for a commonly used argument or persuasion strategy.

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Ian Enting    Physics Professor, IPCC Lead Author
I'm acting as a reviewer for the latest last little bit of the IPCC reports, and you actually do get to see this vast body of evidence in appallingly large detail (and massive amounts of trees have gone into it) and that's what you can't explain away. So it tends to be people who focus on one very tiny aspect and say there could be other causes, but when you look at the evidence as a whole or even a large part of it, then I don't think there's anything in these [skeptical] arguments at all.

Suzanne Maloney    Middle East Analyst
That the election outcome was rigged is not in serious dispute – Ahmadinejad’s ostensibly overwhelming margin contravenes polls, anecdotal evidence, historical voting patterns, and even the most credulous interpretation of Iranian opinion. Fraudulence in an Iranian election cannot come as a real surprise [but] never in the Islamic Republic’s history has an election been stolen as explicitly and unabashedly as Friday’s was...

Richard Dawkins    Evolutionary Biologist, Writer, Atheism Activist
The distribution of fossils in space and in time are exactly what you would expect if evolution were a fact. There are millions of facts all pointing in the same direction and no facts pointing in the wrong direction. British scientist J.B.S. Haldane, when asked what would constitute evidence against evolution, famously said, "Fossil rabbits in the Precambrian." They've never been found. Nothing like that has ever been found. Evolution could be disproved by such facts.

Galileo Galilei    Father of Science
I support the position [that the Sun is at the center of the solar system] not only by refuting the arguments of Ptolemy and Aristotle, but by producing many counter-arguments; in particular, some which relate to physical effects whose causes can perhaps be assigned in no other way. In addition there are astronomical arguments derived from many things in my new celestial discoveries that plainly confute the Ptolemaic system while admirably agreeing with and confirming the contrary hypothesis.

Nutrasweet    Artificial Sweetener Company
The safety testing of aspartame has gone well beyond that required to evaluate the safety of a food additive. When all the research on aspartame, including evaluations in both the premarketing and postmarketing periods, is examined as a whole, it is clear that aspartame is safe, and there are no unresolved questions regarding its safety under conditions of intended use.

Rajendra Pachauri    IPCC Chairman
What the IPCC produces is not based on two years of literature, but 30 or 40 years of literature. We're not dealing with short-term weather changes, we're talking about major changes in our climate system. I refuse to accept that a few papers are in any way going to influence the long-term projections the IPCC has come up with.

Frank Steiger    Engineer
The creationist position would necessarily discard the entire mathematical framework of thermodynamics and would provide no basis for the engineering design of turbines, refrigeration units, industrial pumps, etc. It would do away with the well-developed mathematical relationships of physical chemistry, including the effect of temperature and pressure on equilibrium constants and phase changes.

Michael Oppenheimer    Physics Professor, IPCC Lead Author
There's little doubt that humans are largely responsible for the warming that has occurred over the last few decades. And even more important, there's a certainty that if the greenhouse gases build up at current rates, that the Earth will warm over the century to levels that haven't been seen in a million years. Over the past ten years or so, so-called skeptics have raised a number of objections, but these have been knocked down by research scientists...

Eliezer Yudkowsky    Artificial Intelligence Researcher
[By denying evolution you] engage in motivated cognition; and instead of focusing on the unthinkably huge heaps of evidence in favor of evolution, the innumerable signs by which the fact of evolution has left its heavy footprints on all of reality, ... ...instead you search your mind, and you pick out one form of proof that you think evolutionary biologists can't provide; and you demand, you insist upon that one form of proof; and when it is not provided, you take that as a refutation.

Jason Rosenhouse    Mathematics Professor
In making these arguments [against evolution, Granville Sewell] simply ignored the vast literature addressing [the issues], so as to give the impression that logical fallacies obvious to you or me have somehow eluded our benighted colleagues in the life sciences. It is an arrogance typical of the ID movement; armchair philosophers believing they can refute in a day what thousands of scientists have built over the course of a century.

CPP    Personality Development Consulting Business
Validity of both Forms M and Q has been examined through behavioral observations, exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses, correlations with related measures, and even brain scans. ... In fact, a research database maintained by the Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT) lists more than 10,000 articles, books, and chapters relevant to the study of psychological type. ... With its long and distinguished history, it continues to be used by people around the world...

Wikipedia    World's Largest Encyclopedia
Claims of homeopathy's efficacy beyond the placebo effect are unsupported by the collective weight of scientific and clinical evidence. While some individual studies have positive results, systematic reviews of published trials fail to conclusively demonstrate efficacy. Furthermore, higher quality trials tend to report less positive results, and most positive studies have not been replicated or show methodological problems...