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The Straight Face Pitch

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The Straight Face Pitch is a lie you know that many people will immediately recognize as a lie, targeted at people who don't understand "the game".

What's a Pitch?

A pitch is a label for a commonly used argument or persuasion strategy.

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Donald Trump    American Business Magnate
[My bottled water, Trump Ice] is very good. It’s low-sodium — in fact, it has no sodium.

L. Ron Hubbard    Founder of Scientology
In Scientology it has been discovered that mental energy is simply a finer, higher level of physical energy. The test of this is conclusive in that a thetan "mocking up" (creating) mental image pictures and thrusting them into the body can increase the body mass and by casting them away again can decrease the body mass. This test has actually been made and an increase of as much as 30 pounds, actually measured on scales, has been added to, and subtracted from, a body by creating "mental energy"

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad    President of Iran
We saw the participation of about 40 million people in a totally free election. This is a great victory at a time and condition when the entire material, political and propaganda facilities outside Iran and sometimes inside Iran were totally mobilized against the people and leveled the heaviest pressure and psychological warfare organized against the people of Iran. Yet the Iranians with full vigilance… chose the path to the future… rather than returning to the past.

Mir Najibullah Shams    Former Head of Drug Control for Taliban
We burn [the drugs] not for publicity but for religious and international obligations.