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Is circumcision worthwhile?

Male circumcision is an ancient ritualistic removal of foreskin from the penis that remains prevalent to this day in countries such as the US. While it seems that it has negligible health impacts in the majority of cases, the procedure is not without medical advantages and disadvantages. On the whole, is it worthwhile?

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Dimitri Christakis    Pediatrics Professor
We're talking about trade-offs for very rare risks and very rare benefits. Now, I can tell parents that one in 500 circumcised children may suffer a complication, and one in 100 children may derive a benefit. But people will weigh that differently. However, the vast majority of children will gain no medical benefit nor suffer any complication as a result of circumcision.
11 Jan 2000    Source

Experts In Economics

The Economist    Politics and Business Magazine
Circumcision and other forms of male-genital mutilation are commonplace in many societies around the world. The origin of these practices, however, puzzles anthropologists and evolutionary biologists. They wonder what benefit they could bring, especially given the obvious risks of infection and reduced fertility.
19 Jul 2008    Source


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0 Points      Malcolm G      01 Feb 2009      Stance on Question: Mostly Disagree
Medically, unless there are complications, I think it is unnesessary.

0 Points      Benja      19 Oct 2008      Editorial Comment
Perhaps the question should be reworded in terms of medical benefits.

0 Points      Lulu      06 Sep 2008      Editorial Comment
when i read Christakis' quote "However, the vast majority of children will gain no medical benefit nor suffer any complication as a result of circumcision." i thought it was a "neutral" comment, rather than disagree....??