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Can modest marijuana use cause depression?

Empirical studies are required to determine whether the correlation between marijuana and depression is causal.

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Is modest marijuana use detrimental to your health?
Can modest marijuana use cause depression?

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Office of National Drug Control Policy    (ONDCP) Department in U.S. President's Executive Office
...marijuana use can worsen depression and lead to more serious mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, anxiety, and even suicide.
09 May 2008    Source

Experts In Sociology

Willy Pedersen    Sociology Professor
Mostly Disagree
The findings suggest that exposure to cannabis by itself does not lead to depression but that it may be associated with later suicidal thoughts and attempts.
16 Sep 2008    Source


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0 Points      Benja      26 Sep 2008      Editorial Comment
This is a good example of taxpayer money used to misinform the public with one side of the story. I'm by no means suggesting that marijuana use does not cause depression. I'm merely saying that the science is NOT settled, when we have scientists publishing the opposite view to the government in peer reviewed journals.

There's obvious a related question here: clearly the US government agencies responsible for drug control need to constantly justify their position - to not do so would be to not justify their existence. They're in the same position as an employee explaining to their boss why they shouldn't be made redundant. That is not to say that the employee isn't useful or even great - it's merely saying it's highly unlikely he/she will have an unbiased opinion.