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Does homosexuality threaten the stability of society?

Opponents of gay rights claim that homosexuality poses a threat to the foundation of society. The fear is partly based on the hypothesis that increasing acceptance of the gay lifestyle increases the prevalence of homosexuality, and that gay people do not value family as highly as heterosexuals. Gay advocates believe these views are rooted in prejudice, and do not stand up to closer scrutiny.

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Does homosexuality threaten the stability of society?

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Experts In Politics

Heinrich Himmler    Hitler's Head of Security
Amongst certain homosexuals there exists the following point of view: "what I do is of no importance to anyone else, it is a personal and private matter". Everything which touches upon sexual matters ceases to be private when the life or death of a nation depends on it. ... . It is vital we rid ourselves of them; like weed we must pull them up, throw them on the fire and burn them. This is not out of a spirit of vengeance, but of necessity; these creatures must be exterminated.
18 Feb 1937    Source

George W. Bush    United States President 2001-2009
Ages of experience have taught humanity that the commitment of a husband and wife to love and to serve one another promotes the welfare of children and the stability of society. Marriage cannot be severed from its cultural, religious and natural roots without weakening the good influence of society. Government, by recognizing and protecting marriage, serves the interests of all.
24 Feb 2004    Source

Experts In Christianity

The Catholic Church    Largest Christian Church
Homosexual unions are totally lacking in the biological and anthropological elements of marriage and family which would be the basis, on the level of reason, for granting them legal recognition. Such unions are not able to contribute in a proper way to the procreation and survival of the human race. The possibility of using recently discovered methods of artificial reproduction, beyond involving a grave lack of respect for human dignity, does nothing to alter this inadequacy.
31 Jul 2003    Source

Experts In Politics

The Economist    Politics and Business Magazine
Homosexuals need emotional and economic stability no less than heterosexuals—and society surely benefits when they have it. [Furthermore, today we know that] homosexuals do not choose their condition; indeed, they often try desperately hard, sometimes to the point of suicide, to avoid it. [Therefore] for society, the real choice is between homosexual marriage and homosexual alienation. No social interest is served by choosing the latter.
04 Jan 1996    Source


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0 Points      DONT worry      22 Nov 2011      Stance on Question: Disagree
i think if you ARE not gay or lesbian, you shouldnt be talking. you know nothing about what the LGBT individuals go through. i am a hispanic lesbian with another lesbian hispanic female and we have a child together. we are very well educated and how is it of ANYONES business what we do.!!! how is it your business to tell us NOT to be married or be together? you cannot look from a religious view cuz not everyone is religious. if we were accepted, there would be less hungry children, same sex couples can then adopt what STRAIGHT people leave behind!!! a wonderful child.!!!! there would be no more children waiting for homes cuz their stupid mothers and fathers left them. infact children raised by same sex couples prove to be smarter!!! also being hispanic alone is hard enough!!! why hate?? what is everyone jealious about!!! im not racist but i dont use the n word for blacks or CRACKER for white!!! whites you NEED to step down cuz even the richest man in the world is HISPANIC!!! look it up and gets your facts

0 Points      isaiah      30 Nov 2012      General Comment
Well, being gay is not like being black or being a woman. homosexuality is a choice. there is no gay gene. homosexuality does happen in nature. it happens when individuals are suppressed by overpopulation and by dominant males and female ie, the media and its constant streaming of perfection to us. we never feel inadequate and so we "give up" and become gay with others who have also given up. its not a terrible thing, but its presence is proof that we have a long way to go.

0 Points      Wow      14 Nov 2014      Stance on Question: Disagree
Homosexuality is a choice? Tell that to the American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the American Counseling Association, the National Association of Social Workers, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Association of School Psychologists, and the American Academy of Physician Assistants. They've all claimed otherwise. It's hereditary. There's no argument. This is from two years ago so hopefully you've become less ignorant.

0 Points      Isaiah      30 Nov 2012      General Comment
^^ *we never feel adequate

0 Points      donkavayo      24 Feb 2011      Stance on Question: Neutral
IMO Gov't should let gays have an official agreement just like marriage but call it something else. It can be a nice sounding/fancy word thus everyone would be happy. My opinion on gays is that they are talented normal people maybe even better persons than most straight people but I don't think letting them adopt kids would be fair to the kids because this would increase the chances of those kids choosing homosexuality as their sexual orientation. It's not that I don't want gay percentage of population to increase, as a matter of fact, as a straight guy, I'm happy to see that good looking guys and ugly chicks choosing homosexuality. The problem is that the country may not be able to sustain a healthy population level with an increasing gay population. I don't think this will have a significant impact on me but I just wanted to share my two dollars. Yes I'm generous, people are too cheap nowadays they just chip in 2 cents.

0 Points      Tina Peters      17 Sep 2010      General Comment
I think it is our progression in patronizing and endorcing homosexuality as some manner of a high caliber lifestyle that threatens the stability of our society. The more we, as a society, seek to rule out biblical input in our attempt to embrace the behavior as a normal and viable alternative to the heterosexual family unit, the less this country will receive the protection and blessings of the Creator to whom we owe our gratitude for all that we are as a strong and prosperous nation.

0 Points      Benja      17 Sep 2010      General Comment
If anything, the country owes its growth to science and capitalism, not God. That explanation would at least explain why China is becoming strong and prosperous, while your explanation does not. Oh, and a little bit of extra information for you - Alan Turing, a homosexual, essentially invented the computer, and also helped cracked German codes in WWII. Do you not think he helped America become strong and prosperous? You seem to love to talk about owing gratitude. Well be grateful to homosexuals like him.

0 Points      JGWeissman      25 Apr 2010      Stance on Question: Disagree
It is likely that there are closet homosexuals who attempt to lead a heterosexual lifestyle do to the pressure of society. However, if you remove that pressure, and enable every homosexual to come out of the closet, there will still be enough actual heterosexuals to have enough families to raise another generation.

Though really, the claim that homosexuals value family less is weak. Many homosexual couples work around their reproductive disadvantages, through adoption or artificial insemination, to have children.

-1 Point      Tina Peters      17 Sep 2010      General Comment
To JG:

With all due respect to your comment......I must say that, whatever one's sexual orientation, it's not just about reproducing or adopting children and such when it comes to the stability of our society. Through the years, our society has consistently relented to immoral values through the passing of laws such as those concerning the legalizing of abortion and the demise of prayerful devotions in schools. And then there's the progress that's being made involving same sex marriage. Evidently, and to the discerning consciousness, we, as a nation, are suffering the consequences for such decisions and endorsements. Thus we are becoming progressively and notably unstable as a society for which many have died in their quest for inclusion.

0 Points      Benja      17 Sep 2010      General Comment
"Through the years, our society has consistently relented to immoral values through the passing of laws such as those concerning the legalizing of abortion and the demise of prayerful devotions in schools"
Please stop bundling issues together. Abortion, prayer in schools, and homosexuality, are separate issues.

"Evidently, and to the discerning consciousness..."
Actually, the discerning consciousness thinks the exact opposite to you. Look, in a debate, its ridiculous to state that you have discerning consciousness while those who disagree with you do not.

"Evidently ... we, as a nation, are suffering the consequences"
Evidently? Well show the evidence. How have homosexuals destabilized your family or your neighborhood? Be specific.

1 Point      Tina Peters      17 Sep 2010      General Comment
To Benja.....say what?! Please stop showing your intolerance for different beliefs and opinions by being hostile toward me.
You may have read in other posts of mine that I have a history of lesbianism. From the middle of 1976 to 1991, I was an active lesbian; though my desire to continue living that way had greatly petered out, so to speak, when I received Christ as my personal Savior. I realize how foreign such a testimony as this may sound to you. But this is my testimony.......my truthful life experiences, so far, when it comes to homosexuality.
I am nobody's enemy and I am certainly not saying the things I say out of any manner of malice toward homosexuals. I share my experience, strength and hope in the sexual realm, same as I would share my experience, strength and hope in A.A. as a recovered alcoholic with 26 yrs. sobriety.
You have no idea what it feels like to have someone dub you a person of hate and bigotry when that's as far from the truth about who you are as east to west!
Shortly after I accepted Christ as my personal Savior, I came to the realization that my discontinuing to act out as a lesbian would undoubtedly be the easiest part of my journey to overcome my emotional addiction to same sex physical intimacy. I came to understand, in a most painful way that, though I no longer acted out sexually, I was still emotionally drawn to certain women in a manner that always ended up having sexual overtones. Nevertheless, I had made my decision to follow Jesus Christ. And so I asked God to show me the way to recovering from the lesbian mindset.....a manner of thinking which I had cultivated since I first learned of the behavior as a nine year old girl!
When I found myself again trying to physically act six months after I accepted Christ (1992) I only had to attempt to do so twice, during a one week period, before it was clear to me that that just wasn't me anymore. It was then that I completely surrendered to God's gentle process of change......a process that no secular therapist or psychiatrist could neither mimic, nor understand. In fact, being politically correct, they wouldn't care to try anyway.
My desire to share who I am today, through Christ, is in obedience to God's Word. I must carry the message of hope and redemption through Jesus Christ to others; same as any christian is admonished to do. Nobody understands the homosexual plight better than those who are or have been active homosexuals over an extended period of time. I am one of such people. And my intent is to try, to the best of my ability, to encourage homosexuals to lose their fear of the things of God and accept the salvation and redemption that Christ suffered on that cross for us all to acquire.
I'm not about trying to change anyone through the word of my testimony....I am about testifying about the change that has occurred in my own psyche through the power of Jesus Christ. What once felt uncompromisingly normal for me, as an active lesbian, has become the abnormal. That person who once was me died that October afternoon when I wholeheartedly surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. That's my message of hope 'til the day I pass away.

0 Points      Benja      18 Sep 2010      General Comment
Hi Tina - I apologize if I came across as unthoughtful - your personal story has certainly helped put your previous comments in context for me. I do however have a couple of questions for you (feel free to not answer if it's uncomfortable).

What aspect of being a lesbian was destructive for you?
Do you think you are representative of most lesbians, or even most homosexuals?

Thanks, Ben.

1 Point      Tina Peters      19 Sep 2010      General Comment
To Benja: First of all, thanks for your questions. There was no part of lesbianism that was destructive for me. I was already in jeopardy, psychologically and emotionally, way before I even had my first lesbian sexual experience. I met a lot of really neat personalities while I was out there; some very fun times and some painful times. Had I known I'd someday be the "stick in the mud "I've become, well..........just like any aging person I have had my periodic thoughts concerning what I might have done differently. The one thing I wish I had done differently concerns taking myself too seriously most of the time. I just couldn't seem to lighten up back then, for the most part.
Concerning your other question: I am definitely not representative of most lesbians. In fact, I am not run of the mill in any setting. All of my biological family perceives me to be "weird". In fact, my own daughter once referred to me as "The Other Sister." You know that movie where Juliet Lewis is the strange sister. I don't have a perfect born again christian succcess story because I didn't find Mr. Right after I turned away from lesbianism.
I'll likely never marry.......too old now to care about whether I ever have another relationship of any kind.
I set myself up to become the proverbial martyr, so to speak, when it comes to overcoming homosexuality or lesbianism. Once I was convinced that God, through Jesus Christ, could bring about the change in my psyche, I made it my business to prove, only to myself, that I was capable of cooperating with him in order to endure what proved to be a long and tumultuous process of change. I was capable then to begin the journey. And I am devoted to continuing this journey of learning to live for Jesus Christ on a daily basis.
There is no change in my flesh. I still like fried chicken and I still am capable of being drawn to certain ones of my own gender. But my flesh is no longer in control of neither my thinking, nor my behavior. I am empowered to act in my own best interest....and my best interest, the best i've ever had, is in the things of God. So that which I allow myself to focus on in my thoughts, as well as the kind of people I spend my time with.....it all now has to concur with my intent to please God....to give him the honor and glory he so well deserves from me. Clearly, I can and do live without lesbianism. But I have no intent, ever, to give up being a chicken lover!!!
Everyone has a different story concerning what led to their lesbianism or homosexuality. A few years back, I had an interest in doing interviews with gays concerning their views on sexuality, politics and religion. I only acquired about sixty of those interviews...have no intent to continue doing them because I have come to understand that there's no market for them. Still, I hold on to them because they mean a lot to me.....the way each participant opened up to me, even after it became apparent what I was really about. I have no doubt that my daughter will scurry to the dumpster with them when I leave this world. You must read "The Barbed Wire Fence!" It tells the whole sordid story of how I not only failed to be "the perfect lesbian", I also, for the longest while, failed to be anywhere near the obedient christian I was aiming to be.

0 Points      Adam Atlas      25 Apr 2010      Stance on Question: Disagree
Societies that have gotten more accepting of homosexuality over the past few decades don't seem to be collapsing. I think we can reject this empirically.

0 Points      Benja      25 Apr 2010      General Comment
Arguably a few generations rather than a few decades are needed before we can really determine stability (I guess empirically we'd want to look to historical examples of how changing cultural practices led to the weakening/downfall of previous empires).

Having said this, I'm very suspicious of people who can confidently single out homosexuality as a major destabilizing factor in society. The far larger heterosexual portion of society has a far larger potential impact on society's destabilization (e.g. low birth rates in rich countries, high male/female ratios in China).