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Are pickup artist strategies effective?

Pickup artists claim that their strategies for seducing women are proven by considerable field work, and furthermore that their principles mesh well with science, such as evolutionary psychology. Criticisms include that the strategies are superficial and women can easily see through them, and that such strategies only work on a limited number of vulnerable women.

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Should pickup artist strategies be considered good education?
Are pickup artist strategies effective?

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Experts In Seduction

Mystery    Pickup Artist, Celebrity, Author
[My patent for the interpersonal pursuit method] comprises: instructing a male regarding an interpersonal pursuit method comprising instructing the male how to: build attraction on the part of a target female; establish comfort with the target female; and promptly after conclusion of the step of establishing comfort, seducing the target female and having sexual intercourse with her; wherein the steps of building attraction, establishing comfort, and seducing last between four and ten hours.
10 Aug 2006    Source

Heartiste    Pickup Artist
With game, [a man] can afford to slack off a certain amount on the traditional attractiveness measures. In a sense, game is like an extra 5 inches in height or $100K in salary — it gives a man a big leg up in the mating wars.
29 May 2007    Source

Experts In Feminism

Amanda Marcotte    Blogger, Author, Feminist
As I’ve asserted before, I think the PUA shills are class A hucksters, and just as Scientology is not going to clear you of the aliens ruining your life and homeopaths aren’t going to cure your cancer, PUAs aren’t going to teach you the one! perfect! system! to bed! any! woman! you! desire!
11 Aug 2009    Source

Miscellaneous Experts

Jakob Bachman    Blogger
What's missing in virtually all the PUA methods is proof that they work on a consistent and reproducible basis. ... the reason [someone using the methods] got laid was BECAUSE he did hundreds of approaches. Pretty much anything will work if you do it enough. It's called statistics. It is for this reason that PUA methods are not a skill like any other, but rather the law of averages masquerading as a skill.
23 Feb 2010    Source

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Then, there's also the way in which the pick-up artist talks to women. They're supposed to be talked to like children - and according to Amanda Marcotte's blog, some pick-up artists actually use techniques of insulting women all the while commplimenting them. ... Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this the same kind of technique that boys and girls used back in grade school? If it didn't work in kindergarten, what the hell makes these guys think it'll work now?


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0 Points      TheLobsterMan      21 Dec 2011      Stance on Question: Agree
Unfortunately, society is such that some women are susceptible to pickup artist techniques.

0 Points      blacktrance      10 Feb 2011      Stance on Question: Mostly Agree
I can tell from personal experience that PUA techniques generally work. That doesn't make them worthwhile, however.

0 Points      Benja      21 May 2010      General Comment
Mystery's quote is actually from... a patent application. I'm really not trying to take a position here - but I find this terribly amusing, on all sorts of levels. I'm sure eventually when they invent the love-bot, its patent application will have citations that will eventually link back to this one. Auspicious stuff.