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The belief that smoking causes cancer is supported through both epidemiological studies and research into the underlying mechanisms by which smoking damages the body. Skeptics suggest that the epidemiological studies are biased, and that the underlying mechanisms are not yet properly understood.
Tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemicals, many of which are believed to be carcinogenic. Most of the suspected carcinogens are produced during combustion, which include polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (tars) and acrolein. Nitrosamines are also carcinogenic, and are produced during the curing of tobacco leaves. However, the fertilizer used for tobacco plants contains lead and polonium which may also be dangerous to consume.
Several studies have investigated the link between mobile phones and brain cancer. The majority of studies indicate there is no link, but research is ongoing and some experts are convinced there is a serious concern.
Protocell (a.k.a. Entelev/Cancell) is a non FDA approved medicine that is claimed to work on all forms of cancers, in addition to other diseases.
World Health Organization
The evidence, while still accumulating, is strong enough to support a conclusion and the 2B classification [possible, not probable]. The conclusion means that there could be some risk, and therefore we need to keep a close watch for a link between cell phones and cancer risk.
Ed Yong
It is understandable that people are concerned about mobile phones, especially because they are so widely used. But so far, the published studies do not show that mobile phones could increase the risk of cancer. This conclusion is backed up by the lack of a solid biological mechanism, and the fact that brain cancer rates are not going up significantly.
Philip Morris
The tobacco industry itself is more interested than anyone else in finding out and making public the true facts about tobacco and health. Research in recent years has produced findings that weaken rather than support the claim that smoking is a major contributor to lung cancer.
Philip Morris
[There is] overwhelming medical and scientific consensus that cigarette smoking causes [diseases including lung cancer, emphysema and heart disease.]
Stephen Hecht
Collectively, the evidence favoring the sequence of steps [that result in smoking causing cancer] is extremely strong, although there are important aspects of each step that require further study. These include carcinogen metabolism and DNA binding in human lung, the effects of cigarette smoke on DNA repair and adduct persistence, the relationship between specific carcinogens and mutations in critical genes, and the sequence of gene changes leading to lung cancer.
Robin Hanson
So we don’t have clear evidence that smoking kills; it could be that most or all of the death-smoking correlations are due to selection effects, and not smoking causing death. ... Apparently we need bigger trials if we are going to see clearly if smoking kills. Alas the era of the large risk trial seems to be over, at least for now; it seems it will be a long time before we really know.
Peter Finch
First, studies which in any other area of science would be rejected as second-rate and inferior but which support antismoking are accepted as first-rate. Second, studies which are conducted according to orthodox and rigorous design but which do not support the idea that smoking is harmful are not merely ignored but suppressed. Third, authorities who are duty-bound to represent the truth have failed to do so and have presented not just untruths but the reverse of the truth.
US Department of Health & Human Services
...the health effects of smoking provides a startling picture of the damage to health caused by tobacco use. Smoking injures almost all bodily organs, and tragically this injury often leads to incurable disease and death. The comprehensive review process that is the foundation of this series of reports has found new causal associations of smoking with disease, reemphasizing the need for continued monitoring of scientific evidence on the health effects of smoking.

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1 Point       MTC       23 Feb 2013     Does Protocell work? Disagree
I have every reason to believe that this is pseudoscientific nonsense.

1 Point       blacktrance       10 Feb 2011     Does Protocell work? Disagree
There are no panaceas in medicine.

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