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Bradley Manning is the intelligent analyst in the US Army accused of leaking classified information to WikiLeaks. The conditions of his detainment pending his trial have been controversial.
Julian Assange, via his organization WikiLeaks, recently released classified communications between the US State Department and its embassies throughout the world. Should he be considered a criminal who compromised the noble goals of a righteous country, or a hero who fights corruption and champions freedom and transparency?
Whether computer games encourage violent behavior outside of the virtual world, as many concerned mothers believe, is a source of continual debate. While the experts who agree the link exists have the welcome ear of many politicians, the experts who don't believe the link is significant see the debate as distracting the public from the real causes of violence.
Economic inequality is correlated with crime rates, but whether the link is causal is a matter of ongoing debate.
On August 6 and 9, 1945, the U.S. President Harry S. Truman ordered the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, upon which Japan surrendered, ending World War II. Over 200,000 people died, mostly civilians. It has remained the only time atomic bombs have ever been used in warfare.
Civilian casualties are inevitable in war, but is it an acceptable strategy to explicitly target civilians?
Some people are concerned that Barack Obama, being black and having "Hussein" in his name, makes him an assassination target for bigots.
The arguments for the death penalty include its use as a deterrent, a means to save lives, and a way to enact justice. Common counterarguments are that it fails as a deterrent, that justice is perverted because a certain proportion of convicts are later found innocent, and that under no circumstances is killing acceptable if it can be prevented.
Michael Jackson was put on trial for molesting Gavin Arvizo, a 13 year old boy (at the time of the offenses). On 13 Jun 2005 the jury acquitted Michael Jackson of all charges. However, his reputation has never fully recovered, with comedians joking about him molesting kids both before anything was proven and long after he was found innocent. Michael Jackson died on the 25th of June, 2009, from a heart attack, at age 50.
The abortion-reduces-crime hypothesis was popularized by Steven Levitt and John Donohue in their best selling book "Freakonomics". Their theory was based on the observation that crime dropped in the early 90s, right at the time when would-be criminals would have come of age, had abortion not been legalized in the 70s.
O.J. Simpson was acquitted in 1995 of murdering his wife and friend in a protracted trial that received widespread media attention due to Simpson's celebrity status. To this day America is divided as to whether he was guilty, with many feeling that justice was not served.
Al Gore
I support the death penalty. I think that it has to be administered not only fairly … but also with very careful attention. If the wrong guy is put to death, then that’s a double tragedy. Not only has an innocent person been executed but the real perpetrator of the crime has not been held accountable for it, and in some cases may be still at large. But I support the death penalty in the most heinous cases
Mitt Romney
The appropriate response of society to terrorism carried out around the world or within the Commonwealth’s borders is to apply the death penalty.[...] along with a small number of other crimes, including the assassination of a law enforcement officer, judge, juror or prosecutor, for the purpose of obstructing an ongoing criminal proceeding.[...]as well as cases in which the defendant has already been convicted of first-degree murder or is serving a life sentence without parole.
Gene Simmons
...no matter what my fond memories and fond images of Michael were, with one allegation of paedophilia after another and another and another… Oh dear. I knew some of the musicians he toured with, and specifically one who quit because of seeing boys coming out of the hotel rooms. ... Well, you know, where there’s smoke there’s fire. There’s no question in my mind he molested those kids. Not a doubt. Michael’s on tape going, ‘Give the kids Jesus juice.’ Which is wine. I mean, it’s just endless.
Satoshi Kanazawa
Repeated carpet bombings of Tokyo in March 1945 did not faze them. The only thing that would convince the Japanese people, and, more importantly, their military leadership, of the utter American technological superiority and the complete futility of resistance were the atomic bombs, which they did not have. They would never have surrendered had we not dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That would have necessitated [a far bloodier] ground invasion of mainland Japan...
Karl Compton
[asking a] well-informed Japanese Army officer in Yokohama, [what] would have been the next major move if the war had continued. "... We would have kept on fighting until all Japanese were killed, but we would not have been defeated," by which he meant that they would not have been disgraced by surrender. ... On the basis of these facts, I cannot believe that, without the atomic bomb, the surrender would have come without a great deal more of costly struggle and bloodshed.
Winston Churchill
There were those who considered that the atomic bomb should never have been used at all. I cannot associate myself with such ideas… I am surprised that very worthy people—but people who in most cases had no intention of proceeding to the Japanese front themselves—should adopt a position that rather than throw this bomb we should have sacrificed a million American and a quarter of a million British lives...
Donald Trump
Anyone who would commit an act as heinous as this clearly has deep rooted emotional problems. While this crime was an insane act, it demonstrates a deep lack of respect for law and order by a segment of society in this country. I would be in favor of the death penalty for this type of senseless and violent act (as well as others like espionage, treason, acts of terrorism) committed against innocent citizens. The trial should be expeditious and not drag on for years, as so many [do].

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0 Points       dionisos       22 Aug 2016     Should Julian Assange be considered a criminal for Wikileaks? Disagree
No, states should strive to almost complete transparency, they are way too much corruptible without it.

0 Points       jan       23 Mar 2016     Did Michael Jackson molest children? General Comment
I like your comments its says it all I feel that the boy Gavin who appeared on Martine Basheirs documentary talking about how he slept in MJ bed but MJ slept on the floor he was sticking up for MJ at the time I feel that after Basheirs made it all look bad for MJ in his summing up gave Gavin's parents the idear to accuse MJ of those disgusting charges brought against an innocent man I think he would of been here today had this Martin had not done that documentary

0 Points       Capricious       25 Mar 2015     Is it acceptable to target (i.e. kill) civilians in war? Disagree
No effing way.

0 Points       Capricious       25 Mar 2015     Did Michael Jackson molest children? Neutral
We don't know. We will never know.

MJ seemed like a very sweet guy, but very weird. Were the little boys taught to lie about this? And why were his "victims" only boys? People who love children will be into both genders.

I like MJ. I think he was talented. But I can't be certain of his acts.

1 Point       Black Panther       04 Feb 2014     Did Michael Jackson molest children? Neutral
Michael Jackson was the most caring person in this Universe and beyond. He was inisent, he was killed because he said to many things to awaken are minds to let us know That "they dont care about us" forever in are hearts MJ! <3

1 Point       Watson       19 Jul 2013     Did Michael Jackson molest children? General Comment
The only thing you can tell people is horseshit. You didn't know him. You don't know anything about him molesting kids. And you don't know more about his skin condition than the medical examiner who cut him open and examined his. Your post is absurd.

0 Points       MTC       23 Feb 2013     Are computer games a significant cause of violence? Disagree
No, video games cannot cause someone to become violent.

0 Points       Tabetha       28 Apr 2012     Did Michael Jackson molest children? Disagree
NO! Michael Jackson was not a fucking child molestor. Here's what i've noticed whenever someone like Michael comes on this earth, they sacrifice their life for us in some way and then when they needed us the most, we put a knife in their back to where they can't get it out, inspite of everything they've done for us eventually we would hate them. The one thing we love more than a hero is to see one fall and suffer until they're dead, oh but see once they do die all of a sudden we love them; I don't think people like Michael belong here.

1 Point       Rebekka       16 Jan 2012     Were the atomic bombs dropped on Japan justified? Disagree
To get straight to the point, I firmly disagree. Here, allow me to illustrate for you, a scene.

You are standing in the streets of Hiroshima, 1945. The world has just slipped out of war, but your home country is still fighting against the Americans. Now, you realise that Japan bombed Pearl Harbour, but it was only a phase of the war, correct? You don't feel too terribly upset for the people of Pearl Harbour. It was, after all, a military base. War is war is war. No long-lasting damage was done, the bombs that your country dropped on Pearl Harbour weren't even high power.

Looking up at the clear blue sky above, you see a few plans. Nothing too suspicious, nothing unusual. But upon further inspection, you notice the blue circle and white star symbolic of the nation that your country is at war against. Your eyes widen, you start to run. You've seen this in your nightmares; you know what is going to happen.

"Cover," you think, "I have to find cover..." But it's too late. Your world is thrown into chaos the moment you see the... thing being dropped from the sky. Obviously, the object is a bomb. You run faster and faster, trying to find some form of shelter from what you know is about to come.

It's no use.

The bomb hits the ground, and depending on your location, a number of things happen to you.

1. Within thirty feet of Ground Zero: you are instantly vaporized. You feel nothing, and neither the birds who happened to be flying over Japanese airspace. You (and they) are dead.
2. Within a mile of Ground Zero: you feel a searing pain erupt from your body. You are being burned alive, from the inside. If this is the case, you are lucky. Other people's molecular structures are completely rewritten, often leaving the bodies either disfigured or turned inside out. Either way, there is no hope for you. You are dead.
3. Within three miles of Ground Zero: you start to burn as well. However, you may not be doomed to die soon. No, your skin just turns coal black and shrivels up, your hair is gone. You are carted to a hospital, and you are denied the one thing that you really, truly desire: water. The doctors refuse to give you water, because giving you water will harm your now-brittle skin and organs. Eventually, you get water or you become too dehydrated. Either way, you are dead.
4. Within five miles of Ground Zero: your injuries heal, though you feel weak all the time. Pretty soon, you start to adapt mutations: growing nerves in your hair or fingernails. Your skin turns purple, your veins inflate, your muscles in your arms and legs start contracting on your bones and eventually break them. About a year or so later, you will die.

Did you know that the fallout from the A-Bomb causes leukaemia? Because you are twelve. You were born in 1943, and you are currently living in Fukuoka. Your neighbouring city, Nagasaki, was blown up ten years ago. The sky over the city still glows a hazy orange at night, though it's barely noticeable anymore. When your doctor tells your mother that you have leukaemia, she bursts into tears. You go to a hospital and start chemotherapy, but you know that you are going to die. Six months later, you do. Still twelve. Still innocent. Still young.

So, tell me. Were America's actions really justified? Can you honestly say that they were, now that you've "experienced" only a few of the horrors of the Atomic bombs? The A-Bomb was an untested weapon. Before America dropped it on Japan, he should have at least figured out what kind of power it packed.

Granted, this is coming from a German. A German who has lived in America for most of her memorable life, but a German nonetheless. An Axis Power. So don't believe me, if you don't want to. Go to Japan and see for yourself, in the various Hiroshima and Nagasaki museums.

1 Point       Nashhinton       23 Nov 2011     Can abortion significantly reduce crime? Agree
Aborting babies whose parents are intellectually primitive incorrigibles will obviously reduce crime. I'm sorry if I should offend people, but statistics agree.

0 Points       Jake Christensen       02 Nov 2011     Were the atomic bombs dropped on Japan justified? General Comment
that is true but i think they would have evacuated most of the citizens because they would have know about urban warfare where as the bombs they knew nothing about and could not evacuate the citizens so it killed more people

0 Points       Jake Christensen       01 Nov 2011     Were the atomic bombs dropped on Japan justified? Mostly Disagree
yea but the problem with that is that was it in Japanese or was it in English because English was most likely banned from japan in that time also was the source that you got that from was it reviewed by multiple parties or cultures to say it was true or did you make that up

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