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The controversial WikiLeaks cable leaks have been condemned, particularly by those in power, for sabotaging diplomatic efforts and empowering terrorists with sensitive information. Defenders of the leaks downplay such concerns, which they believe are outweighed by the benefits of bringing transparency to government.
Julian Assange, via his organization WikiLeaks, recently released classified communications between the US State Department and its embassies throughout the world. Should he be considered a criminal who compromised the noble goals of a righteous country, or a hero who fights corruption and champions freedom and transparency?
Many people follow politics, and the more idealistic amongst them regard some degree of political engagement as the moral duty of democratic citizens. Some pragmatists however, think politics is a waste of time for ordinary citizens, suggesting that it neither enables one to significantly change anything in society, nor improve one's own life.
Since the late 19th century, countries began allowing women to vote, where that right was extended to nearly all countries over the course of the 20th century. Some conservatives believe both men and women would be better off if only men could vote.
A democracy is a type of government where political power is shared by allowing each citizen to vote. Proponents have various arguments in support of democracy, perhaps the most common being that is affords its citizens the most freedom. Its critics tend to believe that the average citizen is unqualified to vote.
Political activists sometimes desecrate their own country's flag as a protest against the government. Some governments have outlawed the act, while other governments consider it a form of freedom of expression for their citizens.
Politicians are notorious for their spin, lies, and hypocrisy, frequently making their profession distasteful to the people they represent. However, while truthfulness is generally regarded as an admirable quality in our friends and family members, is it rational to want this quality in our leaders?
A month after the September 11th attacks, the U.S. in conjunction with the U.K. invaded Afghanistan, toppling the Taliban regime that was sympathetic to Al-Qaeda. Kabul, the country's capital, has for decades at best provided only a weak form of central government, and the country quickly descended into anarchy. This prompted the U.N. to create the International Security Assistance Force to help establish peace and security in the region, but to date they have had very limited success.
Capitalism is an economic system where wealth is privatized, that is, controlled by individuals. It stands in contrast to socialism, where wealth is controlled by the government. Western economies are said to be capitalist systems, though in reality they are a blend of capitalist and socialist systems, where the left and right wing advocate socialist vs. capitalistic leaning economic policies respectively.
Advocates of voting proclaim that voting is the duty of a democratic citizen. Critics say that your vote will almost certainly be inconsequential, since elections are seldom won by a single vote. Furthermore, the critics claim that in the case the parties don't offer significant differences, that the impact of that single vote is reduced.
Despite the terrible loss of life in Iraq, surveys of Iraqi people do not support the claim that Iraqis are worse off since the U.S. invasion.
Winston Churchill
When I think what women did in the war I feel sure they deserve to be treated equally.
Robin Hanson
This seems to me a common situation – things said to be critiques of capitalism are often just critiques of humanity. Humans vie selfishly and self-deludedly for status. Some succeed, while others fail. The struggle, and the failures, aren’t pretty. Yes capitalism inherits this ugliness, but then so does any other system with humans.
What happened is a huge, major shift, from the old order of 1,000 years of persecution, of dictatorship, of religious supremacy, of prosecuting minorities, to a completely new order, which is called democracy, human rights, accountability, and transparency, and all this.
Historically, capitalism has fostered freedom and an increase in the standard of living and human rights, and vice versa. Societies that have tried non-capitalist systems inevitably fall into tyranny.
Ron Paul
We went to Afghanistan to get [Bin Laden], and he hasn't been there. Now that he's killed, boy, it is a wonderful time for this country now to reassess it, get the troops out of Afghanistan and end that war that hasn't helped us and hasn't helped anybody in the Middle East.
Jennifer Senior
If only, the argument goes, a system could be arranged where politicians’ real selves and real ideas were always and everywhere on display, we would have the politics we deserve. But it’s also possible that phoniness, at least in certain forms, serves an important purpose. It may even be a desirable quality in politics. It’s certainly something we consistently choose, consciously or not.
Bob Kerrey
I would muuuuch rather have a phony, competent person in the White House than an incompetent, authentic person. I’m not sure the two aren’t correlated: The greater competence you’ve got, the more you’ve got to be phony in order to get the job done. I want my president to put a mask on. When they’re negotiating for a national-security agreement? Put the mask on. When they’re negotiating with Congress? Put the mask on. ... That’s their job.
Robert Hass
What else is experience in the second half of the twentieth century about, but the sense of a world run by people with insane assurance who manipulate large and unmanageable forces over which they have almost no control?
John Mearsheimer
Leaders sometimes lie and they lie for good reasons. I tried to make the case [in my book, Why Leaders Lie] that although instinctively all of us believe lying is a bad thing that's not always the case. ... [However], for society to function it's impossible to have a culture of deceit. [So] you have to be very careful not to go overboard in appreciating the strategic virtues of lying.
Ayn Rand
“Democratic” in its original meaning [refers to] unlimited majority rule... ...a social system in which one’s work, one’s property, one’s mind, and one’s life are at the mercy of any gang that may muster the vote of a majority at any moment for any purpose.

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0 Points       dionisos       22 Aug 2016     Is capitalism good? Disagree
It can’t be good nor bad in itself.
It could be better or worse than another economical system, given a particular ethical system.

I think there is a lot of better economical systems than capitalist. (given most consequentialist ethics).

0 Points       dionisos       22 Aug 2016     Should Julian Assange be considered a criminal for Wikileaks? Disagree
No, states should strive to almost complete transparency, they are way too much corruptible without it.

0 Points       MTC       23 Feb 2013     Should flag burning be legal? Agree
Yes, burning a piece of cloth should be legal, regardless of what image is on it.

0 Points       MTC       23 Feb 2013     Should women have the right to vote? Agree
Why not? Women are people just as much as men are. This is so obvious it barely needs to be stated.

0 Points       TheSentinel       30 Jan 2013     Is capitalism good? General Comment
wow, didnt even know about those. nice post!

0 Points       TheSentinel       30 Jan 2013     Is capitalism good? General Comment
or you will need to fight, and the lion has been training hard to fight on his own, that is why he is strong. The Hyenas can laugh but the Lion will roar feircly and scare the cowards away.

0 Points       TheSentinel       30 Jan 2013     Is capitalism good? General Comment
benefits were earned buddy. They are not simply given. Also "anti-sharing act"? Try " you get what you work for". How many people are born into wealth and keep it all by spending like crazy and not working? none, you have to work hard to make and keep your money. They dont have to share what they worked very hard for. Especially with someone like you who is ungrateful for what he has, you wouldnt even be grateful if they did share it with you.

0 Points       TheSentinel       30 Jan 2013     Is capitalism good? General Comment
well said, that is a very honest statement on Capitalisms strengths and weaknesses. Like you, I belive that a balanced system is good. However I also agree with having more economic control being left with the nature of people in the private sector.

0 Points       TheSentinel       30 Jan 2013     Is capitalism good? General Comment
your misconception is that the ONLY desire Capitalism attempts to satisfy is money. This is incorrect, and before you write off Capitalism, you should actually understand its true nature. If after truly understanding, you still disagree, then American is a not a place that would be optimal for you to live in.

0 Points       Nashhinton       14 Dec 2011     Is democracy the best form of government? Mostly Agree
A democracy is a good type of government only if it is regulated by constitutional laws and rights to ensure that the majority doesn't abuse their privileged power. In other words, let's say that we were to establish a secular government which encourages and guarantees religious freedom and equality. If the majority of the nation are fundamentalist Christians, and if they desire to teach creationism in school, we should create a constitutional law to create a separation of church and state to further protect the majority from abusing their large influence on public policy, automatically abolishing them from granting their wishes because of their large political influence to legalize creationism in school.

Of course, we all know intelligent design and creationism can't be taught in public schools because public schools are part of the public sector which is controlled by the government. And if schools were allowed to teach intelligent design, the government would be promoting religious ideas which violates the concept of the separation of church and state and secularism.

2 Points       Nashhinton       19 Nov 2011     Is capitalism good? Mostly Agree
Capitalism is very productive in the market world, but it is not successful for providing necessities and universal access to health care, education, police, etc. But overall capitalism is excellent for increasing innovation and productivity in the work force. I believe in somewhat of a mixed economy, but I lean more towards promoting a larger expanse of the private sector where businesses are free to compete and operate for profit.

1 Point       Robert B       19 Oct 2011     Is capitalism good? General Comment
Proverbs 28:19
He who works his land will have abundant food, but the one who chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty.

Proverbs 31:31
Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

Ecclesiastes 2:21
For a man may do his work with wisdom, knowledge and skill, and then he must leave all he owns to someone who has not worked for it. This too is meaningless and a great misfortune.

What do you think the priest would say about this??????? Right from the B I B L E

New Editorial Comments

0 Points       Benja       13 Jun 2011     Is democracy the best form of government? Editorial Comment
That's one of the best suggestions for a question I've heard since I started TakeOnIt. I'll put it on my TODO list, if you don't get to it first.

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