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Cynical types view all politicians as power-hungry morally bankrupt two-faced sociopaths, while more optimistic types see them as generally good people who try their best in difficult jobs. Partisans often believe the best about their own party and the worst about the other. Others try to sidestep the question by suggesting that politicians be judged purely on their results, while others believe that good leadership requires good character. Others blame the system rather than the people.
Bradley Manning is the intelligent analyst in the US Army accused of leaking classified information to WikiLeaks. The conditions of his detainment pending his trial have been controversial.
The controversial WikiLeaks cable leaks have been condemned, particularly by those in power, for sabotaging diplomatic efforts and empowering terrorists with sensitive information. Defenders of the leaks downplay such concerns, which they believe are outweighed by the benefits of bringing transparency to government.
Julian Assange, via his organization WikiLeaks, recently released classified communications between the US State Department and its embassies throughout the world. Should he be considered a criminal who compromised the noble goals of a righteous country, or a hero who fights corruption and champions freedom and transparency?
In the wake of 9/11, many Muslims have outspokenly condemned violence in the name of their religion. However, critics of the faith, and critics of religion in general, have suggested that the faith can indeed breed extremism, and that many passages in the Koran, if taken literally, seem to even condone the slaughter of non-believers.
Many people follow politics, and the more idealistic amongst them regard some degree of political engagement as the moral duty of democratic citizens. Some pragmatists however, think politics is a waste of time for ordinary citizens, suggesting that it neither enables one to significantly change anything in society, nor improve one's own life.
A democracy is a type of government where political power is shared by allowing each citizen to vote. Proponents have various arguments in support of democracy, perhaps the most common being that is affords its citizens the most freedom. Its critics tend to believe that the average citizen is unqualified to vote.
Political activists sometimes desecrate their own country's flag as a protest against the government. Some governments have outlawed the act, while other governments consider it a form of freedom of expression for their citizens.
Economic sanctions punitively restrict trade with a country as a result of a political disagreement. Critics of the approach suggest that it doesn't achieve the desired effect.
Entitlement programs, which include Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, account for nearly 50% of the US federal budget. As the population ages, there is a fear that rising costs will bankrupt the government.
Space exploration and scientific experiments in space are often physically accomplished by robots rather than humans. Some scientists have suggested that in fact there is little benefit from sending humans into space at all.
The incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won Iran's 2009 election with two thirds of the vote, defeating rival Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who received one third of the vote. Mousavi, who many believed would win the election, labeled the election a charade after the results came in. The supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, declared the result to be a divine assessment.
Mitt Romney
Well, yes. I'm going to want to see a marriage limited to a man and a woman. I don't want to see civil union either. Of course, if we find ourselves in a setting where the only choice is between civil union and marriage, I will prefer civil union. But I would prefer neither.
Old Testament
Should abortion be legal? Mostly Disagree
Exodus 21:22 If men strive [fight] and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit [fetus] depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman's husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.
David Cameron
We are a Christian country. And we should not be afraid to say so. Let me be clear: I am not in any way saying that to have another faith – or no faith – is somehow wrong. I know and fully respect that many people in this country do not have a religion. And I am also incredibly proud that Britain is home to many different faith communities, who do so much to make our country stronger. [However,] the Bible has helped to give Britain a set of values and morals which make Britain what it is today.
Mitt Romney
We separate church and state affairs in this country, and for good reason. No religion should dictate to the state nor should the state interfere with the free practice of religion.
Robin Hanson
This seems to me a common situation – things said to be critiques of capitalism are often just critiques of humanity. Humans vie selfishly and self-deludedly for status. Some succeed, while others fail. The struggle, and the failures, aren’t pretty. Yes capitalism inherits this ugliness, but then so does any other system with humans.
Studies indicate that homosexual couples have higher rates of promiscuity than heterosexual couples. Allowing gays to marry would make gays seek more partners.
Abortion always ends the life of the unborn child, typically by dismemberment. Abortion increases the risk of breast cancer, future premature birth, mental illness, and other long-term health problems for the mother, as detailed below. Sometimes women die from abortion.
What happened is a huge, major shift, from the old order of 1,000 years of persecution, of dictatorship, of religious supremacy, of prosecuting minorities, to a completely new order, which is called democracy, human rights, accountability, and transparency, and all this.
Historically, capitalism has fostered freedom and an increase in the standard of living and human rights, and vice versa. Societies that have tried non-capitalist systems inevitably fall into tyranny.
Ron Paul
In the last 30 years, we have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on a failed war on drugs. This war has been used as an excuse to attack our liberties and privacy. It has been an excuse to undermine our financial privacy while promoting illegal searches and seizures with many innocent people losing their lives and property. Seizure and forfeiture have harmed a great number of innocent American citizens.

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0 Points       dionisos       22 Aug 2016     Is capitalism good? Disagree
It can’t be good nor bad in itself.
It could be better or worse than another economical system, given a particular ethical system.

I think there is a lot of better economical systems than capitalist. (given most consequentialist ethics).

0 Points       dionisos       22 Aug 2016     Should Julian Assange be considered a criminal for Wikileaks? Disagree
No, states should strive to almost complete transparency, they are way too much corruptible without it.

0 Points       Capricious       25 Mar 2015     Should Israel exist as a separate state from Palestine? Mostly Agree
Both Israel and Palestine should exist.

I'm sick of anti-Israelis saying "fuck Palestine" everywhere I go.

0 Points       Capricious       25 Mar 2015     Is Islam fundamentally a peaceful religion? Disagree
Muslims can be peaceful people. Every individual is different.

But their belief or ideology is not so friendly.

I wish I could "save" (moderate) Muslims from their religion.

0 Points       Capricious       25 Mar 2015     Should gay and straight couples have the same legal benefits? Agree
Homosexuals deserve rights like the straights.

0 Points       Nashhinton       24 Apr 2013     Should abortion be legal? Agree
"O Daughter of Babylon doomed to destruction, happy is he who repays you, he who seizes your infants and crashes them against the rocks." In that verse, "he who is happy"... that "seizes your infants and crashes them against the rocks", is God himself. Read the entire passage. God loves it when babies are dashed to pieces against rocks.

0 Points       Nashhinton       20 Apr 2013     Is God on our side in war? Disagree
God doesn't exist.

0 Points       Nashhinton       20 Apr 2013     Should the US privatize Social Security? Disagree
Privatizing social security is one of the dumbest things you can do. Not only will it cause sudden volatility in the economy, it will financially ruin the disabled and the elderly. Their reliance for assistance will be left in the hands of private individuals. F... libertarians and f... these greedy corporate asses. It's unimaginable! The combined annual (just one year) salary of the top 100 richest people in the entire world can cure global poverty fourfold. That is a fact! Just the slightest increase on their tax rate will be able to solve this social security dilemma. Why do they need to obtain more money when the vast majority of their cash is currently not used? We could vastly increase education in 3rd world nations and stimulate the global economy with such money. But of course, the sad truth is that humans are inherently selfish.

0 Points       Nashhinton       20 Apr 2013     Should homosexual couples be able to adopt kids? Agree
Yes, they should.

0 Points       Nashhinton       20 Apr 2013     Should the United States have Universal health care? Agree
Universal healthcare should be implemented.

0 Points       Nashhinton       20 Apr 2013     Should prostitution be legal? Agree
It should be legalized and regulated by the government to ensure the prevention of venereal diseases.

0 Points       Nashhinton       20 Apr 2013     Is Barack Obama a Muslim? Disagree
Obama comes across as a universalist/secular humanist. He self describes himself as a Christian, but I'm unsure about that. His mother was a secular humanist and his father was a strident atheist before dying.

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