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Many societies enforce laws that favor monogamous relationships, such as marriage; laws partly predicated on the assumption that monogamous relationships are natural. However, looking at different cultures and even different species prompts the question as to whether monogamy is so natural after all.
Education entails equipping young people with the skills they need to succeed in life and contribute to society. Pickup artists regard their strategies as "missing education" for men - after all - finding a partner is a prerequisite to creating more young people. Critics have a number of objections, including that the strategies are ineffective, unscientific, and immoral.
Pickup artists make a number of assumptions about human nature that are Darwinist and Machiavellian in character. Critics claim that these assumptions are pseudoscientific, and that they reflect the cynicism of the pickup artists, rather than reality of human nature.
Pickup artist strategies are often viewed as a bag of tricks for seducing women that encourages behavior that is insincere, shallow, and calculated, rather than sincere, heartfelt, and natural. Defenders of the art often frame the strategies as means that enable men to communicate better with women, which ultimately adds depth to a man's character.
Pickup artist strategies are labeled misogynistic by critics who believe that many specific strategies prey on weakness in women, but more deeply, that the philosophy of a pickup artist entails a sexist conception of women.
Pickup artists claim that their strategies for seducing women are proven by considerable field work, and furthermore that their principles mesh well with science, such as evolutionary psychology. Criticisms include that the strategies are superficial and women can easily see through them, and that such strategies only work on a limited number of vulnerable women.
Dishonesty is undeniably a source of great human suffering, so advocating it as a means to build intimate relationships seems not only foolish, but perhaps even reprehensible. However, many experts on dating recommend numerous manipulative tactics to snare a mate, often justifying this strategy in terms of embracing the reality of human nature.
Masturbation is the act of sexually pleasuring oneself. Some religious groups, such as the Catholic Church, believe the behavior is unacceptable.
In many cultures, sexual inexperience of a woman is considered valuable, while the opposite is often true for a man.
Breast implants are the most common type of plastic surgery in the United States. But do they actually make women happier?
Prostitution is the act of exchanging sex for money, or the profession of doing so. Critics typically have moral or religious objections to prostitution. Its defenders typically believe it is justified based on libertarian grounds, but also point to the safety benefits that come with legitimacy and regulation.
Abstinence-only sex-education excludes teaching contraceptives such as condoms and the pill, and purely focuses on abstinence. Its critics claim that it is not only ineffective but socially irresponsible, and furthermore that the only basis for omitting education on contraceptives is to fulfill a moral agenda.
Andrew Sullivan
Monogamy is very hard for men, straight or gay, and if one partner falters occasionally (and I don't mean regularly), sometimes discretion is perfectly acceptable. You could see Jong bridle at the thought of such dishonesty. But I think the post-seventies generation - those of us who grew up while our parents were having a sexual revolution - both appreciate the gains for sexual and emotional freedom, while being a little more aware of their potential hazards.
Robin Hanson
It seems that our distant forager ancestors ... weren’t remotely monogamous. ... Polygamy is always allowed and usually socially preferred. Co-wives either live together or one lives with a husband while the rest live in entirely different bands. On average, about 35% of men have more than one wife, and 50% of women are in a polygamous marriage (vs. 3% and 7% in modern societies).
Kamal Weerakoon
Biologically, we are wired to desire sex, to fall in love with the person we desire sex with, and for that love to develop into deep attachment. Our bodies are wired to operate best with one sexual partner for life. Both academia and pop culture assume that biblical, Christian sexual ethics are at best outdated and irrelevant, and at worst repressive and harmful. We are seen as legalist, repressed, hypocritical killjoys who spend all our time trying to stop everyone from having a good time.
The Catholic Church
Polygamy is not in accord with the moral law. [Conjugal] communion is radically contradicted by polygamy; this, in fact, directly negates the plan of God which was revealed from the beginning, because it is contrary to the equal personal dignity of men and women who in matrimony give themselves with a love that is total and therefore unique and exclusive.
Christopher Ryan
You want an inconvenient truth? Try this one: human beings are clearly evolved for sex lives featuring multiple simultaneous sexual relationships. Men, especially, are designed by evolution to be attracted to sexual novelty and to gradually lose sexual attraction to the same partner in the absence of such novelty. The so-called Coolidge Effect is well demonstrated in social mammals of all sorts, and is old news to anyone knowledgeable about reproductive biology.
Jessica Valenti
The only time it seems to be okay for women to enjoy sex is within the confines of a marriage, and even then you should be enjoying yourself because you're doing God's work and having babies, not because you might like the actual act.
Jessica Valenti
...I think the stud/slut [double standard is the worst] and that’s why I wanted it on the cover [of my book] because I think that it relates to so many other forms of discrimination, it hits women the hardest. I think the stud/slut thing is behind a lot of reproductive rights limitations, I think it’s behind a lot of violence against women, and this kind of fear of female sexuality and need to control it at all costs. And also I was called a slut in high school so it was also just personal.
The same goes for sluts. A man who sleeps with many women gets high fives from his buddies and sexual interest from girls who can’t help their burning loins. But girls who sleep around are socially ostracized, used by men and shunned by women. It has always been and it will always be as long as a woman has 400 eggs to a man’s nearly infinite number of sperm.

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0 Points       dionisos       22 Aug 2016     Are pickup artist strategies misogynistic? Mostly Disagree
The same thing than Nutz. (it is not mean to be a useful comment, sorry, it is only that i am forced to comment if i want enough data to see who agree which me)

0 Points       Nashhinton       20 Apr 2013     Should prostitution be legal? Agree
It should be legalized and regulated by the government to ensure the prevention of venereal diseases.

0 Points       TheLobsterMan       15 Apr 2013     Do pickup artist strategies encourage guys to be fake and shallow? Agree
PUA strategies are focused on deceptive behavior for shallow ends.

1 Point       Christopher Magic       09 Jan 2012     Is a woman a 'slut' if she has one-night stands? Neutral
It all depends on how extreme this sluttiness is but surely people understand the logistivs here. Right? A woman,lets say a 5,not ugly or hot is horny...maybe recently dumped and wants to feel better,forget. She walks up to a 100 guys and ask if they want to have sex...about 75 70 90 guys wil say yes. A woman who is horny and on the prowl will always get satisfaction and physical interaction if she wants it,just has to snap her fingers. Most women are of course somewhat picky,sometimes going for the good looking guy,turns out his penis isnt all that...ah well,it works. goes home with an ugly dissapointed,pulls downs his pants...hello! A woman will never have to go mental and bite her nails off from not getting any.

You take a good looking guy who just walks up to a 100 random women.He asks the same question....between 2 and 7 girls will say yes to his proposal.That is making it as basic and biological as possible....a man will without a big wallet most often have to make an effort to get a woman in the sack. women choose men,not the other way around. When I tried my girlfriendtest,which is very naive but essentially after getting to know her asking about number of partners,thus trying to avoid spanding my life with someone who has been very easy to get in the sack,I realized that numbers often were shaved,even if it wasnt high or something to be embarrassed about. Those I caught lying all said,"I wanted to come off as better,purer or more of the kind of women I FEEL I am today...I had some crazy years in my teens."

So most women will have had a slutphase at some point,maybe after being harshly dumped or just enjoying mutiple partners. Now,its not "cool" for a guy to try to bang as many chicks as possible but surely you understand why a woman who makes the decision to let guys stick it in too easy,too often,too different penises.It is not attractive.

If women were more upfront with sexual needs and pasts and demystified everything and ended the charade,it would be so much better. A woman saying she has been with 5 guys when its 16 for instance...why am I pissedAhigh number?Nooo...cause she lies to me and truth is the foundation for anything real."What he doesnt know wont hurt him" only works if he never finds out...then it can really backfire. hence no more relatioships or emotions,we guys are so easy to manipulate and I dont like being manipulated. I talked to 250 women and 100 guys in the last 2 years regarding all aspects of sex and found it pretty interesting. Most women will admit that"wanting recognition or aproval" or"daddyissues" often is a good way too explain a slutpast. The fact that she just enjoys sex very much with different duded doesnt sound too great in our ears and not hers either.

Generalities do not imply universalities. Even if pick-up artists are right about a good portion of women, they are not right to the extent at which their advice can be applied universally.

0 Points       TheLobsterMan       21 Dec 2011     Is honesty the best policy in dating? Agree
It's not worth it if you can't be honest.

0 Points       TheLobsterMan       21 Dec 2011     Are pickup artist strategies effective? Agree
Unfortunately, society is such that some women are susceptible to pickup artist techniques.

0 Points       TheLobsterMan       21 Dec 2011     Are pickup artist strategies misogynistic? Agree
They fundamentally do not recognize the woman as an equal.

1 Point       Nashhinton       19 Nov 2011     Is monogamy natural for humans? Mostly Disagree
I'm mixed on this issue. I believe that monogamous relationships are more beneficial for the cooperation of the partners. I don't really believe in legalized polygamy because I believe that women are more likely to be highly inclusive and men more protective, so this will cause strife amongst the different partners. However, I will allow anybody to have multiple partners if they desire to participate in multiple sexual relationships. But I will always oppose legalized polygamy or polygyny. Also, I don't believe it's "natural" to have a monogamous relationship because other species of animals have multiple partners. So overall, I disagree that monogamy is "natural". To me it's just a way for humans to build social constructs.

1 Point       Anonymous       03 Oct 2011     Do pickup artist strategies encourage guys to be fake and shallow? Neutral
Maybe you´re right. But first, there are some people who are generally nervous. It´s a part of their personality. And second, it costs nothing to be nervous, disengaging, awkward, etc., but PU-books and -classes are expensive and in most cases not as helpful as promised.

0 Points       Benja       27 May 2011     Is a woman a 'slut' if she has one-night stands? General Comment
Interestingly, women vote with their ahem, feet, that yes, women are sluts for sleeping around, every time they downplay their sexual experience because they think that the truth is a bad thing.

1 Point       Keller Scholl       27 May 2011     Are pickup artist strategies misogynistic? Disagree
No. Not at all. The goal of a pickup artist is to help guys get girls. They tackled social anxiety and false expectations and how to mimic or learn the tactics of men who would do it instinctively. What a PUA does is help men who aren't arrogant asses pick up the usefull tactics of the arrogant asses for the goal of meeting, and potentially sleeping with, women. It is about getting a woman to sleep with a man she otherwise wouldn't but your assumption is that that woman's judgement is automatically correct, which is absurdity beyond measure. As for the idea that women don't have the upper hand in dating, I sincerely wonder if you have ever tried to be in a heterosexual relationship that would be considered "normal" in the slightest sense. Flowers, chocolates, paying for dates, men are trying to get women interested in them with all this and more. Men ask a woman out, not the other way around in normal society. How can you seriously claim that women don't have the upper hand?

PUAs use and teach emotional manipulation techniques. That does not mean they are trying to harm "women as a group," it means that they are trying to help some men. Yes, these techniques often use the worst aspects of someones personality. But so does being a highly muscled jock with a naturally alpha male personality. Unless life is a zero sum game between genders, your comment is impossible.

After attacking your comments point by point, I feel a need to address the overall issue. Namely, that you seem to think the status quo pre PUA's is an inherently good thing, without offering evidence or logic. Personally, I don't see how women are harmed by having more attractive options. I also don't see how success for men is inherently harm for women. Could you please explain?

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